Best U.S. Wine Clubs

Glass of wine

The wine business is more competitive than ever, and for those who enjoy being adventurous when it comes to the different wines that they try, joining a wine club is a great decision. Wine clubs give you the opportunity to experiment with different varieties of wine, without having to spend hours trawling through wine stores in order to pick them out. However, due to wine clubs becoming increasingly popular, there are now so many to choose from, many of which have their own unique edge, making the decision even harder. From clubs that focus on family-owned wineries, to others that utilize an extensive vetting process, these are some of the best wine clubs that the U.S has to offer.

Gold Medal Wine Club
The Gold Medal Wine Club places a strong emphasis on sourcing wines from small-batch, family-owned wineries, choosing varieties that often cannot be purchased from retail stores. The company employs a small team of experts to taste and select the wines and offers a choice of six different membership tiers, ranging from the International Wine Club to the Pinot Noir Wine Club to the Platinum Wine Club.

International Wine of the Month Club
This club considers wine to be a global product, seeking out varieties from all over the world and bringing its members new and exciting wines to taste. Each delivery is accompanied by detailed cellar notes, which includes a history and additional information on each specific varietal, as well as notes on the best foods to pair with that particular wine. This wine club also makes use of a two-tiered tasting panel, so by the time each bottle of wine reaches you, the variety will have already been tasted by around thirty experts, guaranteeing that it will be of the highest quality.

Lot 18/Tasting Room
Wine clubs can often be off-putting for those that are not serious wine connoisseurs, and this is where the Tasting Room Wine Club comes in. Rather than sending out full-sized bottles, this club sends out shipments of six sample-sized wine bottles, intending to help you to identify your preferences when it comes to different wines. Once you have tasted the mini samples, you can then arrange for larger sized bottles to be shipped out instead, enabling you to receive varieties that you already know you will truly enjoy.

Uncorked Ventures
West Coast wines are always popular, and for those that are serious fans, Uncorked Ventures is the wine club to join. The club focuses on wines that come from California, Washington and Oregon, with the founders of the club having established strong relationships with small-scale growers in these regions. While some of the wines offered can be purchased at retail stores, the selections are always high quality, and there are still a number of unique wines to be found.

Joining a wine club is a great way to learn all about new varieties of wine, whether you are a serious wine connoisseur or are just beginning to learn about the intricacies of the drink. Each wine club will usually offer a range of different membership tiers, and these can often be tailored to suit your personal preferences, ensuring that you always receive a selection of wines that you will appreciate.


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