Luxurious Pamper Must-Haves

A luxurious pamper session has the ability to melt away everything that may be causing you stress, providing you with the opportunity to treat your mind, body and soul to some rejuvenating indulgence. From an essential oil diffuser that fills the room with calming scents to a fluffy robe that makes your body feel as though it is wrapped in a cloud, these items will ensure that your next pamper session is as luxurious as can be.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser
An essential oil diffuser is ideal for creating a spa-like setting and is definitely a must-have for your next pamper session. While there may be a huge array of different essential oils out there, there are a few that have been proven to help eradicate stress and relax the body, such as lavender, jasmine, ylang-ylang, chamomile, bergamot and sandalwood, so these are the ones that you should focus on.

Fluffy Robe and Slippers
To really enable your body to relax, you need to free it from restricting clothing, which is where a comfortable robe and slippers come in. To add even more of a luxurious spa touch, place your slippers and robe over a heated towel rail before stepping into the bath for your soak, so that they will feel warm when they touch your damp skin afterwards.

A Spa Pillow
A soak in a warm tub is always calming, especially if you are usually quite busy and do not often have the opportunity for so much me-time. A spa pillow will take your bath soak even further, with comfortable cushions that wrap around your head for support.

Fresh fruits

Healthy Snacks
While you do not want to feel full or bloated during your pamper session, having a selection of light and healthy snacks available will help to keep your energy levels up. Slices of fruit are ideal, as these are fresh and hydrating, while a cup of green tea will help to boost all of the positivity that you are sending into your body.

A Relaxing Playlist
The background music that you hear at just about every spa is there for a reason, with tunes that are able to relax the mind being specifically chosen. A relaxing playlist is absolutely crucial to set the scene for your luxurious pamper session, and each of the tracks that you choose should help your surroundings to feel even more tranquil.

Rejuvenating Products
A pamper session is a great time to invest in a product that you would not normally use, such as massage oils or a foot scrub. Focus on an area of your body that really needs some TLC, and search for a product that is able to tackle any concerns that you may have.

A pamper session does not need to be difficult to put together, and once you have these items gathered for your first session, you will easily be able to turn to them when you want to treat yourself again in the future. Taking some time to pamper your body has been proven to bring with it a variety of physical and mental health benefits, so do try to find the time to really treat yourself every once in a while!


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