Organized Closets

Organized closet

A messy closet is never helpful, and will quickly lead to a disorganized life. These tips will help you to tackle the often-daunting task of organizing your closet, giving each item its very own place, no matter how small a space you have to work with.

Take Stock of What You Have
Until you fully take stock of all of the items that you own, you will not be able to properly organize your closet, which is why this is usually the best first step to take. This may seem like an arduous task, but chances are that you have items lurking around at the back of your closet that you have forgotten about, so it really is necessary to unload your entire closet to take stock of what is there. As you are doing this, you can begin to sort your clothes and accessories into different piles; one to keep, one to donate, and one to discard.

Create Categories
The easiest way to find an item when you need it in your closet is by organizing all your belongings into categories, placing similar items together. Your shirts, skirts, pants and dresses can each have their own category, and, if you need to, you can always have sub-categories within each of those categories, organizing them by sleeve length or color or occasion.

Make Use of Empty Space
Extra closet space will always come in handy, no matter how much space you may already have. There are likely to be empty sections of walls, or even the insides of doors, in your closet that are currently unused, and while it may not seem like much extra space at first, you will be surprised at how much towel bars, dowels, and hanging shelves can actually store.

Co-ordinated Hangers
It may be tempting to save all of your hangers from past purchases and from the dry cleaners, but having hangers that are not uniform in your closet will only make your entire wardrobe seem much messier. These hangers will also not be of the best quality, and, over time, will create shoulder dents in your garments, bending them out of shape. Find a set of quality hangers, either metal, wood or plastic, and make sure that they are durable enough to support even your heaviest of garments.

Woman deciding on what to wear

Use the Top Shelves
Most people have a few storage areas in, or above, their closet that are not properly utilized as they are too high up to conveniently reach on a daily basis. Rather than neglecting this valuable space, invest in a small rolling ladder, or even a footstool, so that it is easy to take a step up and make use of that space regularly.

It may take some time to fully organize your closet, but, once you do, you will feel a sense of relief at having a closet that is well-structured and beautifully laid out. Not only will it make your life easier when it comes to selecting outfits, but it will also ensure that your clothes are kept in the best condition possible, meaning that they are much more likely to last for years to come.


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