Classic Fabrics are Back

Fashion is a cycle, meaning that trends tend to repeat themselves, whether it be ten or fifty years later. These trends can be anything from design details to silhouettes, but, for 2016, it would seem as though classic fabrics have made their way back into the spotlight.

Chambray shirt

Chambray is a plain-weave fabric that is similar to denim, but differs in the way in which it is woven. Chambray manages to bring together elegance and comfort in a way that other fabrics cannot do, and is such a classic fabric that it deserves a place in everybody’s wardrobe. This versatile and timeless fabric can be styled in so many different ways, whether you choose to opt for a classic look of chambray pants and a crisp white shirt, or a chambray shirt paired with dark denim skinny jeans to highlight the unique qualities of the chambray.

Sheer fabric dress

Sheer Fabrics
Sheer fabrics are set to be extremely popular this year, with chiffon and silk making quite the comeback. The beauty of sheer fabrics comes from the way in which they suggest rather than show, and they can be manipulated into so many different silhouettes that they are actually more versatile than many believe. Temperley London has a Victorian full-skirt silhouette dress that contains design elements dating back to the 1700s, but, with the sheer fabrics that are used, the dress is instantly brought into modern times. Jason Wu has a few dresses that experiment with combining sheer and fringe, while Boss has designed a masculine structured shirt with beautifully feminine, delicate sheer sleeves.

Silk dress

Silk is one of the most luxurious fabrics you can wear, and is expected to be seen in all shapes and forms this spring. For a light and airy printed silk blouse that will channel the colors of spring even if it is still cold outside, head to Banana Republic, while those who want something a bit more casual can find a printed silk t-shirt at Joe Fresh. Banana Republic also have some wide-legged silk pants that are the perfect silhouette for pairing with a fitted top. Of course, one of the easiest ways to incorporate silk into your wardrobe is by investing in a silk scarf, as this can be worn with just about any outfit, giving your look a timeless and sophisticated quality.

Satin dress

Satin is another classic fabric making a comeback, which is only a good thing, as this fabric always feels soft against the skin. Satin is related to silk, another fabric that will be extremely popular this year, but many consider satin to be much more modern and sexier than silk, while still retaining its luxurious and expensive feel.

Classic fabrics can be styled in so many different ways, and can be dressed both up and down, so it is always advantageous when they are back on trend. From floaty sheer sleeves on a masculine shirt to a fitted silk t-shirt, classic fabrics are being used in new and innovative ways, giving them a freshness that makes them perfect for this year.


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