Urban Chic Styles for Spring

While it may still be slightly chilly outside, spring is almost upon us, meaning it is time for that annual wardrobe overhaul. There are many great pieces on-trend for this spring, and if you want to incorporate some urban chic into your look, check out these styles that are all easy to replicate.

Woman wearing a striped dress

Bold, wide stripes are going to be huge this spring and are a great pattern to add to your wardrobe, as they give you some New England elegance that can easily be grunged down for a more urban chic look. A striped shirt with skinny jeans and knee high boots is always a stylish look, or, for something slightly girlier, pair a striped shirt with a bandage skirt and some Converse All Stars, topping off your outfit with a chic bowler hat.

Woman wearing a statement necklace

Statement Jewellery
Statement jewellery is a great way to add elements of urban chic to a look, but you need to seek out the best pieces for this. Statement bib necklaces add instant cool to any outfit, while pearls are a classy way to dress up a more casual look. Chunky chains are also going to be hot this spring, and can be worn on different parts of your body, from around your neck to around your wrists. If there is a certain type of jewellery that you are crazy about, such as two-finger rings or large graphic earrings, make this your signature style and experiment with different pieces that fall within your chosen category.

Woman holding a stylish backpack

Stefano Tinti / Shutterstock.com

The Backpack
A stylish backpack is about as urban chic as it gets, and luckily, backpacks have been given an exciting makeover for this spring thanks to designers such as Rick Owens, Burberry and Alexander Wang. Graphic handbags are also going to be popular this spring, so you could even consider mixing two trends into one, with a vibrant graphic backpack to complete your look.

Woman wearing knee-high boots

“It” Shoes
Having an “it” pair of shoes can immediately transform an outfit, instantly taking it from regular to urban chic. The style that you pick needs to be one that you love, whether they are Nike high-top dunks, thigh-high boots or skinny kitten heels. For a true urban chic look, a casual pair of “it” shoes should be paired with a more elegant garment, such as Converse All Stars with a short little black dress, while dressy shoes always stand out when worn with a more laid-back outfit, such as a pair of simple jeans and a t-shirt. Of course, there are styles that work with just about any pair of shoes, such as a classic white shirt paired with black leggings, as this simple look allows the footwear to stand out and make a statement.

Adding elements of urban chic to your look does not need to be difficult, even if incorporating new styles into your own does not come naturally to you. Whether you look for some statement jewellery to wear each day or find new ways to style your favorite striped shirt, these tips will all lend an urban edge to just about any outfit.


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