Weddings on the Fly

Couple in Las Vegas

Not only is Las Vegas known as ‘Sin City’ and ‘The Entertainment Capital of the World’, but it is also extremely famous for being ‘The Wedding Capital of the World’, with over 50 chapels that process more than 100,000 weddings each year. When trying to arrange a wedding on the fly, Las Vegas is usually the first destination that comes to mind, but, if you are not a Vegas local, this can often be quite difficult, so here are some top tips to make planning for your Vegas wedding much easier, whether you have a month or a day to do it in! /

Avoid Holidays
Needless to say, Valentine’s Day books up quickly at all of the Vegas wedding chapels, as do other holidays when the Strip is usually flooded with tourists. Although it may feel romantic to get married on Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve, standing in line for hours will take much of the magic away, so try to avoid any holidays when picking a date.

Prepare for the Weather
Many people tend to forget that Las Vegas is a desert, and while the summer months may be the most popular months to visit the city, they are also the hottest, and can easily put a damper on your wedding if you do not plan it carefully. Indoor weddings are usually the best option, while outdoor weddings should be arranged for evenings or night time.

Little Church of the West, Las Vegas, USA

nito /

Explore Your Options
While Las Vegas may have an abundance of chapels to choose from, there are some unique wedding options that you can explore. The world-famous Drive-Thru Wedding Chapel will always be memorable, as would getting married on board a helicopter with the city’s lights twinkling below you. If you would like a more traditional chapel, The Chapel of the Flowers has a beautiful garden, while A Special Memory is a New England-style chapel with 24,000 square feet of manicured grounds, and is one of the only free standing wedding chapels in Las Vegas.

Don’t Forget About the Legalities
It can be easy to get swept up in the romance of a wedding on the fly, but you must not forget about all of the legalities involved with getting married. Marriage applications can be filled out beforehand and brought with you on the day, and this will help to speed up the whole process. You also need to check the legalities with your home country if you live abroad, because while most countries do recognize a marriage performed in Las Vegas, many require extra information, such as a formal notification of overseas marriage.

Last Minute Extras
Depending on how much time you have until your wedding, you may want to look into a few extras. Many of the stores in Vegas have special opening hours to accommodate unusual wedding times, and they also accept orders on a short notice. This applies to everything from jewellery to wedding cakes, ensuring that you have everything that you need for your big day, no matter how last minute it may be. Many of the hotel spas and salons will also accept late bookings, so that you can pamper yourself beforehand and have the perfect hair and makeup for when you walk down the aisle.

With everything that you need all in one place, planning a wedding on the fly in Las Vegas is much easier when compared to other cities. From the location to the cake, there are so many options available, even at the very last minute, making it no surprise that thousands of couples every year choose to get married in the Wedding Capital of the World.


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