Skin Care for Babies, Children and Tweens

As a parent, it is hugely important to establish good skin care habits for your babies, maintaining this as they grow. Once they are tweens, you will need to begin to pass these habits on, making sure that they are well-equipped for life when it comes to knowing how to keep skin healthy and clear.

Woman giving an oil massage to her infant

Skin Care for Babies
There is nothing quite like the soft delicate skin of a baby, but don’t forget that babies are so extremely prone to skin irritations, especially in the first few months after being born. These most commonly occur in the diapered areas, as these parts of the skin are often wet and exposed to friction. A barrier ointment after every diaper change will help to protect these areas, and you should also try to let the baby ‘air out’ as much as possible. Just like your skin, your baby’s skin also needs to be moisturized, and creams and ointments are usually chosen over lotions, as these are much milder on the skin. However, be sure not to apply these products to your baby’s hands unless you are covering their hands up, as their hands will often end up in their mouth. When it comes to sun protection, babies under the age of six months should be kept away from direct sunlight as much as possible, and, when you do have to take your baby out in the sun, be sure to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen, as it is so important to protect that tender skin at this early stage in life.

Young girl applying moisturizer

Skin Care for Children
As your child grows, good skin care habits are extremely important, as this will help them to begin to develop their own healthy skin care practices. When choosing products to wash your children with, make sure that they are gentle, and free of any fragrances or dyes, as this will only irritate their skin. Just like with babies, it is important to keep their skin consistently moisturized and covered with sunscreen whenever outside, even on cloudy days. Encourage your children to wash their face twice a day, but be sure to teach them how to be gentle, so that they know not to scrub too hard.

Young girl smiling

Skin Care for Tweens
Once your children have reached the tween stage, you will need to make some adjustments to their skin care routines. Oil-free products are important now, and this applies to everything from sunscreen to soaps, as these will help to keep pores unclogged. The body is going through many changes at this point in life, and increased oil production is just one of them. Your tween may experience a variety of different skin issues, and if these do not clear after a couple of months of using over-the-counter products, it is crucial that you take them to see a dermatologist, who will be able to prescribe a medication that could make a world of difference to your tween’s life.

Babies and children have sensitive and delicate skin, which is why it needs to be properly moisturized and nourished right from birth. By sticking to a good skin care routine from the beginning, you will be instilling these habits into your children, and this will be a huge help to them when they are older, and start to experiment with different types of skin care for themselves.

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