Romantic Movies

Couple watching a movie

Whether they make you laugh hysterically out loud or sob into some tissues, there is no denying the warm and fuzzy feeling that a romantic movie can evoke. A good romantic movie should have a strong and original storyline, while providing enough laughs and touching moments to please even the most hardened cynic. Even if romance is not usually your favorite genre, these romantic movies are definitely worth the watch.

When Harry Met Sally (1989)
When Harry Met Sally is a classic romantic comedy starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. The storyline focuses on the two title characters who share a cross-country car ride, frequently arguing about whether or not it is possible for men and women to ever be platonic friends. This movie is a great example of how excellent dialogue can really take a film to another level, with the entertaining banter really bringing the comedy genre into the movie.

Amelie (2002)
Amelie is a quirky French film that makes no apologies for its unusual camera angles, effective pauses and extremely striking colors. The plot is about a French waitress that decides to devote her life to making the lives of others better, by carrying out secret good deeds. Along the way, she realizes that she has fallen in love with a man whose photo she has discovered in an album. While it may not immediately stand out as being a romantic movie, the way in which Amelie charmingly falls in love with the world makes it quite unique.

Sleepless in Seattle (1993)
Starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, Sleepless in Seattle is a romantic comedy/drama that follows a recently widowed man and his son, who attempts to find a new partner for his father. While it may be more of a drama than a comedy, there is definitely plenty of humor within the film, and it is the movie’s romantic concept of destiny that made it one of the most popular romantic movies to ever be filmed.

Notting Hill (1999)
A British romantic comedy, Notting Hill stars Hugh Grant as a London bookstore owner, and Julia Roberts as a famous Hollywood star. Grant ends up falling for Roberts after a chance encounter, and the love story follows the pair as they attempt to find a place for themselves in each other’s lives. This is another romantic movie with some fantastically clever humor, and is one that will have you rooting for the characters, hoping that they manage to make it work.

(500) Days of Summer (2009)
While most romantic movies tell the story of a couple that ends up living happily ever after, (500) Days of Summer is quite different. Instead, this non-linear movie focuses on one couple’s romantic journey, from start to finish. This is most certainly not your average love story, and while there may be plenty of heartache along the way, it is, in essence, a feel-good film that teaches you that life and love still go on, even when a romance comes to an end.

Romantic movies are not for everyone, but there are some that manage to break the mould and charm viewers that don’t normally enjoy such films. With unique storylines and beautiful sentimental moments, these are romantic movies that just about everyone will enjoy.

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