Organize Your Vanity for an Easy Morning Routine

Woman sitting at her dressing table

In the same way that a neat work desk helps to make your day more productive, an organized vanity will ensure that your morning routine can be carried out quickly and efficiently. Whether you are a naturally organized person or not, it is definitely worth taking the time to follow some of OROGOLD’s tips on how to organize your vanity for an easy morning routine.

Easily-Accessible Storage
A cluttered vanity will slow you down significantly in the mornings, and also frustrate you as you try to locate certain items that you need. OROGOLD recommends making the most of whatever storage options you may have, adding to these if you need more space. In-drawer compartments are always convenient for organizing, while in-door compartments and roll-out shelves and appliance trays are fantastic if you are tight on space.

Relocate Electrical Outlets
If you are someone that uses electrical outlets in your morning routine, whether it be for an electric toothbrush, a hair dryer or some straighteners, may want to consider moving their electrical outlets and mounting them on the inside of cabinets, so that you can easily use and put your items away without having to wait for them to completely cool down. This will save you the extra clutter on your vanity in the mornings, keeping your routine running as quickly as possible.

Cluttered vanity table.

It goes without saying that it is easy to build up drawers full of products that you hardly end up using, and one of the most important steps to having an organized vanity is by regularly going through all of the products you own and discarding the ones that you don’t often use. If you don’t like the idea of throwing them out, OROGOLD suggests storing them in a box elsewhere, so that you know that they are near if you ever really do need them.

Multiple Light Sources
It can be frustrating to apply your makeup in the mornings, only to find that it doesn’t look quite right when you move to a different light. OROGOLD recommends having multiple light sources at your vanity, so that you can efficiently groom without having to worry about pesky shadows or uneven lighting.

In addition to organizing your whole vanity, you should also be reorganizing it each night, to cater to what your needs will be that next morning. It is likely that you already plan your outfits in advance, so it only makes sense to plan your hair and makeup too. OROGOLD suggests laying out the products that you are going to be using on your vanity, and putting everything else away, making your morning routine as simple as possible for yourself the next day.

Mornings are not for everyone, but an organized vanity can definitely make your morning routine run much more smoothly. The next time you feel as though your morning routine has become quite the chore, try implementing some of OROGOLD’s tips and organizing your vanity, as you will soon find that this will make a huge difference.


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