Statement Eye Looks for 2016

OROGOLD always keeps a close watch on makeup trends, and we have noticed some exciting ones coming up for 2016. From a Cleopatra-inspired cat-eye to blazing blue eyeshadow, here are some of our favorite statement eye looks for 2016.


Cleopatra-Inspired Cat-Eye
Cleopatra and her love of gold is a huge inspiration to OROGOLD, which is why we are excited to see that a Cleopatra-inspired cat-eye is going to be one of the statement eye looks for 2016. With a thick and chunky cat eye created on the top lid, followed by layer upon layer of golden sparkles, right up to the brow bone, this look will add instant glam no matter what you choose to wear with it.

Woman wearing blue eyeshadows

Blue Eyeshadow
When it comes to bold colors in makeup, it can be difficult to know exactly how to wear them. 2016 will see plenty of blue eyeshadow, worn in so many different ways that there really is no wrong way to go about it. From a smoky eye with a sparkly navy to a hit of cyan for a bright burst of color, OROGOLD suggests looking to the runways for more inspiration and experimenting with different shades of blue. For those of you who don’t want to go all out with blue eyeshadow, OROGOLD recommends swapping your usual black eyeliner for one of a navy shade, as this is a great way to add some blue to your look in a subtle way.


Bold Lashes
While blue eyeshadow is going to be huge in 2016, bold blue lashes are also looking to make an appearance. For a fresh but bright look, OROGOLD suggests trying out cyan lashes with nude lips and bare skin, or for something more avant-garde, try lining your top lids with a blue liner, and then applying blue mascara to your bottom lash line. While some of these looks are quite out there, you can keep things subtle by opting for a lengthening black mascara, adding some false lashes to the outer corners of your eyes for extra intensity.


Sparkly Eyes
While sparkly makeup is usually reserved for the holiday season, it seems as though it will be making its way well into 2016. From a discreet and subtle shimmer to silver ‘fairy dust’ sprinkled across the lids, there are many ways that you can bring some extra sparkle to your eyes.


Pinks and Corals
Just like with blue, pinks and corals can be difficult colors to master, but it is most definitely worth trying. These feminine shades are usually used on the cheeks, but give a soft and effortlessly romantic look when used on the eyes. However, this look will only work well if your eyes do not have any redness, so keep this in mind when trying it out.

Experimenting with different eye looks is always fun, and 2016 will be bringing us some exciting new looks to try. From bold blue eyelashes to pretty pinks and corals, we expect that we will all be seeing these looks in many more varieties throughout the year.


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