Top Luxury Watches

Luxury watch

Luxury watches are about more than just telling you what time it is. Instead, they are a beautifully designed accessory that showcases the ultimate in craftsmanship, and are usually created with the most luxurious of materials. OROGOLD takes a look at some of the top luxury watches currently available.

Chopard 210 Karat
The Chopard 210 Karat is the most expensive watch in the world, and while it may not have a listing price, it is said to have sold for around $26 million in the past. The watch features 874 diamonds in total, with its three large heart-shaped diamonds being the focal point. One of these heart-shaped diamonds is an internally flawless 15 carat pink diamond, the second is a 12 carat blue diamond, while the third is an 11 carat white diamond. The watch also boasts a spring-loaded mechanism, that, when pressed, enables the three heart-shaped diamonds to mechanically open up and expose the yellow diamond sprinkled watch face.

Patek Philippe Super Complication
The Super Complication from Patek Philippe is a pocket watch made from 18K gold, and will set you back around $11 million. It was originally created by Patek Philippe for Henry Graves Jr in 1933, and took a total of five years to design and build. Its name is down to the fact that, in addition to keeping the time, the watch has 24 other mechanical features, including a chart of New York City’s night sky, complete with the milky way and star magnitudes, as well as a minute repeater that plays a replica of the chimes heard from London’s Big Ben.

Vacheron Constatin Tour de I’lle
Vacheron Constatin is one of the oldest fine watch manufacturers in the world, and their Tour de I’lle watch is certainly a beauty. Made from 18K rose gold, this watch is known as being the most complicated wristwatch in the world, and for good reason too! The watch in itself took over 10,000 hours to design, which is hardly surprising when you take into account the fact that it consists of 834 individual parts. In addition to basic timekeeping, it has 16 other functions, including sunset time, a minute repeater, a second time zone, and a representation of the night sky. It is a double-sided watch, with blue sapphire non-reflective glass, and is embellished with sapphire crystals, perhaps justifying its $1.5 million price tag! If all of this has tempted you, OROGOLD warns that acquiring one of these beauties may take some hard work, as they are a limited edition, and only seven have been produced.

A beautiful luxury watch is more than just a status symbol – it is a piece of extraordinary craftsmanship that you would keep with you for a lifetime, passing it down to future generations. From the most expensive watch in the world from Chopard, to the most complicated watch in the world from Vacheron Constatin, these are all stunning watches that OROGOLD would definitely not say no to!


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