Our Fave Comfy Tees

Fashion woman wearing a tshit

Almost everyone enjoys a good t-shirt. They’re quick, serviceable, and above all they’re comfortable. A good selection means you can quickly grab one for an unexpected day out with friends without them looking down on your outfit choice too. You can even combine the right kind of tees together with other parts of your wardrobe to make a statement. There are plenty of opinions on what makes the best or most comfortable kinds of tees and OROGOLD isn’t going to try to settle that particular debate. Instead here are a few of our particularly favorite types of comfy tees available right now. These will always be there for you if your reach for them, but using them with style will be up to you.

Tissue Tees
These might not seem like the best choice with the seasons changing, but these slightly translucent tees remain incredibly comfortable and ready for use even now. You’re going to want to start layering with them though. It makes for an excellent undershirt beneath other tops. A good combination of colors can make the most of this kind of pairing. The additional bonus is that you’ll be warmer with a good tissue tee on under the other top than you otherwise would be and you can take the latter off if you need to cool down or make turn up your personal sense of fashion at a gathering. Look for your favored brands as you’ll find plenty of designers make these. Eskander and Monrow are two names to consider as you look for the perfect shirt.

Vintage Tees
The eternal lament that “they don’t make them like they used to” extends even to t-shirts thanks to the consistent trend towards vintage tees. Many of the most popular advertise classic rock and roll bands using their designs and logos from their heydays in the 70s and 80s. The larger than life symbols to match the music transcend time and continue to be a fashion statement. Comic movies being popularized by Joss Whedon and others are likewise making many classic superhero and superheroine symbols make a comeback on distressed or “vintage looking” tees as well. OROGOLD recommends considering buying a high quality “vintage looking” tee if you want to get the most out of your fashion. You can get the looks combine with modern standards of clothing, but if you spy just the right truly vintage tee then don’t hesitate.

¾ Sleeve Tees
These are classics when the weather starts to turn. A little more sleeve with a tighter cuff at the end of the sleeve to seal off the rest of the shirt and retain a bit more heat. These come in a dizzying variety and what you want will typically depend on individual taste. A Henley may suit your friend, but you may want a Raglan instead. The best news about looking for a good ¾ sleeve tee is that their universal appeal, independent of cut, means most designers have touched upon them at one point or another. Hervé Léger and St. John are both known to have options like this that are both tasteful and come with the assured quality associated with their names. You will likely need to look around to find something that suits you the best though.

Fashion is a personal as much as a public thing. OROGOLD can point you at these particular kinds of comfy tees, but it is up to you to make the most of the ideas. One cut or style will suit you just fine, but might make a friend doubt whether you understand fashion. Hopefully, this gives you the idea that you needn’t quite sacrifice all the comforts of summer quite yet even if you need to modify them a bit. Enjoy the changing weather with a change to your wardrobe.


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