Gold Styles for Fall

A new season has finally descended upon us, and with it comes a new batch of ‘it’ colors to wear. Berries and reds will always be associated with fall, but the new and trendy color of gold is taking the fashion world by storm because of its unique and refreshing hue to spruce up one’s wardrobe and whole look. Wearing gold during a season like fall is interesting because it’s warm and neutral, but can be amped up to be bright and loud – unlike berries and reds, which are vampy and dark, or grays, which are too muted.

With that being said, wearing gold is a tricky little thing. If an entire outfit is gold, you can risk looking like a yellow Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz. But if worn with the right color combination, it can act like a push-up bra to any look, emphasizing the right points. To find out how you can wear this color for any and every occasion this season, we have come up with four outfits to give you inspiration for your next golden outfit.

Casual fashion inspiration for fall.

For casual days such as going to glass or offices with no strict dress code, a neutral, plaid dress with a black cardigan is the right combination to emphasize a gold bag, some gold Oxfords, and the ever classic gold watch. The dark tones of the dress match the fall perfectly, while the berry-pink hue of the blush and lip stain will give you that beautiful flushed look.

Girls night out fashion inspiration for fall.

Girls Night Out
A night out is the perfect way to wear gold pieces because of its glamorous vibe. Pair a black, sleeveless turtleneck with a gold, paisley mini skirt, some black tights, and maroon heels. When the cold winds rise during the night, you can keep yourself warm with a thick, nude blazer. Do not worry about the blazer and skirt clashing because nude actually looks similar to gold, minus the shiny finish. Don some warm smoky eyes with a berry lip and you will be ready to have fun until dawn.

Corporate fashion inspiration for fall.

For a more office-appropriate look, you can still rock the gold trend by opting for a gold satchel that will hold all of your belongings, a gold layered necklace for a minimalist look, and a wash of gold eye shadow to give your peepers some extra shine. This will all stand out against a gray shift dress and black kitten heels, topped off with a warm coat with a muted golden hue.

Formal wear inspiration for fall.

If there’s any event where you can rock an all gold ensemble, it’s a formal event. If you’re overwhelmed by how much gold is in this look, don’t worry. This beautiful mustard gold jacquard dress, gold strappy heels, and gold watch are complemented by a comfortable rosy pink coat and pink lips – the matte texture of the lips and coat will help balance out all the shine. To complete the look, opt for numerous layers of black, waterproof mascara to keep you polished and ready to socialize all day and night.

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