Fabulous Fall Lip Colors

Autumn typically brings somber colors along with it for both clothing and makeup. It often seems at odds with the vibrant displays of color that are typical of fall in various parts of the world. This year is different though. Fashion Week did showcase plenty of old standbys for fall colors, but it also opted for daring, brighter shades from across the spectrum. Fall doesn’t have to pout this year. OROGOLD looked into some of the most common of these new, richer colors to find any commonalities. They tend towards shades of red and pink, but there are also plenty of wild cards in the mix that will make finding your perfect shades for fall more colorful than you thought.

Brick red lipstick

Brick Red
This shade sits between the traditional somber tones and some of the more vibrant shades in showing this year. Its deeper color provides a distinct visual depth that highlights the lips next to the rest of the face. But it isn’t quite the brooding tones of the past. Instead it seems suggestive of a dare to make the most of the fall and see what it has to offer instead of staying by a fire. The particular shade is also complementary across various skin tones. This makes it a potentially beautiful option for many people. If you’re uncertain, consult an esthetician, but the odds are this shade will suit you just fine. All you need to worry about is the right outfit.

Berry lipstick

Ripe Berry
Farther along the spectrum of color rests this one. There was a distinct nod towards eye catching lips in Fashion Week that was due in no small part to shades similar to this. They provided a distinctly vivacious look to the models when paired with the trend towards natural hair and makeup. It made them appear to have just come from eating fresh fruit. In addition to providing a look of health, the color stands out against the often drabber tones of the season to make anyone wearing it almost instantly eye catching. It is easily complemented with other makeup to lend an overall healthy look to most women even as fall progresses. OROGOLD suggests experimenting in this tone range to find the best color for your skin and outfits if you truly want a Fashion Week inspired look.

Pink lipstick.

Yes, pink is in season now thanks to Fashion Week. Pastel pinks weren’t the most common either. The particular shades were often cooler, yes, but far from the dark, brooding colors associated with fall. It makes for a daring statement against the time of year as well as a truly unconventional look. One particularly popular shade was cherry-blossom as it offered coverage for a variety of models and complemented an equal amount of outfits. The main trick, as with other shades, was to use the rest of the makeup to complement features while allowing the lips to stand out without detracting from them. As a result, nude or very subtle makeup works best for this and the other vibrant shades used in Fashion Week.

Celebrating personal beauty is OROGOLD’s mission and it makes seeing that become a trend in Fashion Week itself particularly gratifying. There is a distinct air that comes from makeup that makes a face look lively as the world begins to settle in for its impending winter’s nap. This air will help you stand out and make your mark no matter how cool it gets outside. You will keep burning with a visible passion for living.

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