How To: Exaggerated Cat-Eye from French Runways

The Cat-Eye is a classic look for eye makeup that helps emphasize the eyes while adding an air of mystery to any woman’s look. Its classic nature makes it almost expected at particular occasions and this expectation, in a way, somewhat lessens the impact that the look is meant to have on others. Fashion forward people have updated the look as a result and this newer exaggerated cat-eye look continues to show up on Parisian fashion shows. It takes the traditional look and makes it even more dramatic with thicker colors emphasizing the eyes to an even greater degree. OROGOLD understands the quest to look your best and has put together a quick tutorial on how to achieve the look.

Woman with cat eye makeup.

There are multiple ways to approach completing the exaggerated cat-eye, but the first thing you need to start with is how you’re going to define the edges of the makeup itself. A quality liquid eyeliner along the lash line is one recommended way. You can use it to outline a traditional cat-eye, but draw the line a little further up to give yourself room to work. Some ways of achieving the look only use eyeshadow though. In this case, choose your favorite detail brush and carefully create the same sort of line. You can even demarcate the upper limits of the where you’ll be filling in the outline you’re drawing the line. Don’t go all the way to the top of the extended “flick” of the cat-eye, but instead try about halfway up the flick for the top part of the outline.

Fill it in
Regardless of how you outline the beginning of the look, you’re then going to need to select the right color or colors of shadow to complete the emphasis. Opting for solid, darker colors can create a truly dramatic look that provides heavy emphasis on your eyes. You can sometimes achieve the same look with a carefully applied gel eyeliner, and it works particularly well with a black eyeliner. Blending a series of dark tones to create a smoky effect can be even more effective for the look though. It steps back from the drama of the heavy emphasis of a single tone, but don’t let this dissuade you. Instead this variation emphasizes the mysterious aspect of the cat-eye and is sure to draw a second look when you’ve done it right.

Final Touches
Much as with a normal cat-eye, you can use liner or shadow on your lower lash line to provide greater emphasis. Use your best judgment based on your previous experiences with such a technique. The best approach is to try not to distract from the exaggerated cat-eye itself, but to instead provide a subtle and easily missed emphasis. You don’t need to be perfect when applying any of the makeup. Remember that trying this look out is a matter of experimentation. Keep cloths and cotton swabs around for spot use with your favorite makeup remover to help clean up any small mistakes you make in creating the look. It only has to look perfect when you’re done, after all. No one else will see you figuring it out on your own.

Updating classic looks is ultimately part of the ever-evolving story of fashion. For the time being, the exaggerated cat-eye appears to be here to stay, but certainly hasn’t driven out the traditional form. OROGOLD recommends that you keep a good cleanser and makeup remover on hand as you test out the look though. These will let you clear away any mistakes and keep your skin healthy even if you need to try several times to get it right. Beauty may be difficult, but it remains rewarding.


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