Men’s Fashion For Fall

Male model on the runway in fall clothing /

Moreso than any other season, fall is the perfect opportunity for men to showcase a more expansive side of their personal style with the addition of layering and accessories that can create a singular look. For 2015, the prevailing theme for menswear lends itself towards a revival of the classics with a modern twist. The following are just some of the trends that will be seen on concrete jungles worldwide in men’s fashion.

PETA may be up in arms about this movement but when it comes to the fall season, fur has made an undeniable return to men’s wardrobes. Not just run of the mill furs either. In 2015, opulent fur that turns heads and stops traffic will be the new trend sweeping through major cities around the world. For men that have never dared to wear fur, or have aired on the more conservative side of in the past, this fall season is the time to consider colors beyond typical black or brown, as well as lengths that go to three-quarter length or the floor, and of course, oversized for optimal effect.

The 70s in the New Millennium
One of modern times greatest eras in fashion is currently receiving a revival on the runways as the 70s make a comeback in apparel in a major way and that extends also to menswear. Flyaway collars, flares, rock & roll statement tees and more are popping up in many of the most revered fashion houses this runway season, with a new spin on things to keep things fresh. For men that missed the 70s the first time around, now is the opportunity to seize this sartorial moment in 2015.

The Baggy Trousers
With the return of fall comes the revival of baggy trousers into menswear. Leave those straight-legged and skinny jeans for the summer, because this fall season, a loose-fitting new silhouette is being touted as the next big thing by many major fashion labels designing for menswear. Currently, Lanvin, Wooyoungmi, and Maison Margiela are all featuring baggy trousers in their latest collections to major applause.

Velvet is a great look that can be worn from jackets to pants and this fall season, it’s making a comeback in a major way, showing up this season in collections from Fendi, Bottega Veneta, and the always exceptional Alexander McQueen.

The Long Scarf
For a simple look that adds a touch of class and gives off a debonair look to finish a great ensemble, the return of the long scarf as a favored men’s accessory is back with a vengeance in 2015. Scarves can be worn in a variety of ways to fit nearly any occasion, so for men of distinction that seek to elevate their style, choose from knitted, silk, or wool scarves for the fall.

Shearling has been trending for the past few fall seasons and that trend continues in 2015, with several major labels featuring it on their runways. Since it never fails to make an impression, it only makes sense that shearling was showcased at Burberry Prorsum, Dior Homme, Fendi, and J.W. Anderson this season.

Adding any of these men’s items to your fall wardrobe are a sure-fire way to pack a significant style punch to any man’s collection. As autumn approaches, the upscale man can ensure that he looks his absolute best for any occasion during the season.


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