Most On-Trend Men’s Hair Styles

The good thing about hair is that it is a highly mutable way to express your personality and sense of style. If you get tired of one look, then all you need to do is wait a bit to change it or go to a barber shop and shave it off to start anew. Changing your hair style can help get you out of a personal rut when you feel nothing will change, but you can also just change it briefly to match an outfit or an occasion. The problem comes in trying to figure out exactly what’s in style at a given time. As a result, OROGOLD has assembled a list of some of the currently trendy hair style to give you an idea of popular looks at the moment.

Buzz cut.

Buzz Cut
These minimal hair style come in a lot of variation. A general rule of thumb is that the hair is short, but not shaven so close that you can’t run your hand through it. This gives you a lot of options when it comes to styling the hair further. Some popular versions utilize shaved areas of the head to better highlight the section that is just a buzz cut. The key feature to a buzz cut is the relative simplicity of its care. You don’t need a lot of products and just need to wash it now and again to keep it clean. Product use is up to you. You can also readily spike the hair with a bit of product to give yourself a debonair look for a night out and then wash it out before work for a more business friendly look.

Fringe hair

Style It Forward
Fringe is experiencing an increased popularity among stylish men. Generally, this involves letting your bangs grow and styling them lightly. The increased popularity of fringe is leading to a degree of experimentation with the look though. OROGOLD found that currently one of the most popular variation is combing fringe forward and giving it a casual point to either the left or right of the head. Nothing prevents you from using a more even look though. Only use a little bit of product to give the fringe a lightly tousled look and a little bit of guidance. You don’t want it plastered to your forehead with excess product as it will ruin the look.

Beachy hairstyle

Beach Hair
If you’re a gentleman with longer hair, then don’t feel left out. Even the comparative rarity of long hair on mean doesn’t stop there from being a trending style in that direction. Find products that focus on making your hair act as if you’ve been to the beach recently. Most of these products are design to cause similar reactions in your hair to those that salt water would cause. This light, bouncy rough and tumble look doesn’t require that much of you and keeps your hair looking stylish. You can add extra waves to your hair if you put it up or, if you’re feeling brave, braid it before you rest. Either one will shape your hair as you sleep and add to the overall waviness of this look.

Trying out a new look is a bit nerve-wracking the first time you’re considering it. OROGOLD encourages you to try to update your look now and then despite nerves though. Changing your appearance can help give you and the world a fresh perspective on yourself and encourage growth as a person. If you’re too worried about what others will think, then try it out the next time you go on an extended vacation on your own. Then you only have to answer to yourself and can change it back before you return home.


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