Men’s Makeup Tutorials on YouTube

Man working on a laptop

Makeup tends to be dismissed as a thing for women, but it doesn’t have to be. Think about it. Most all actors wear makeup routinely and the models that help inform you of current men’s fashion trends. If a man is on TV or in a magazine, he’s probably got makeup on. That’s why the always appear cleaner than you ever seem to be able to reach. We think you might want to reconsider your biases and try out basic makeup routines for yourself. We went hunting and found some decent routines with videos to walk you through. With them, you’ll get that clean, smooth look you always wondered about.

Charlotte Tilbury – ‘Undercover’ Makeup
At less than five minutes long, you can learn a few quick tricks from this professional makeup artist as she quickly transforms a tired looking volunteer. The video focuses on mixing skin care along with bringing out the more natural tones of skin for a healthier look rather than any obvious makeup. It makes for a good watch if you need a rough idea of how to look a bit better without investing in a lot of products and tools. We recommend focusing mainly on the kinds of products she uses as opposed to particular brands themselves given that finding the right products for your skin is a process. Feel free to try out her suggestions, but be sure to be alert for signs that the product doesn’t work well for your skin.

Alex | Faction – Men’s Makeup Tutorial
If you’ll feel a bit more confident trusting another man about makeup, then this tutorial might be more your speed. Alex spends his time going over his own version of a simple routine useful for both models or men looking to look their best for a nice occasion. He is less involved with skin care, but still makes some mention of it and its uses during the video. We recommend him as a firm starting place for trying slightly more than basic routine as he blends multiple tons, but we further recommend speaking to an esthetician for tone matching for your own skin. Matching tons correctly is as key as proper blending to ensure a natural look.

James Welsh – Man Makeup
The charming James Welsh talks with his brother, a makeup artist, in this video about very basic makeup techniques. Together they have the natural you’d expect from brothers discussing a handful of simple techniques you can use outside of a routine. Special attention is paid to dealing with dark circles under the eyes and oil control, but they do cover other topics as well. The less formal or professional tone can also help if the other videos leave you feeling a bit out of your depth. The brothers not only discuss the products they use and their use, but show how to use them as well… complete with James checking repeatedly to be sure he’s doing it correctly.

You don’t have to feel guilty about considering makeup anymore. These barely touch on all the videos available for men looking to start using makeup. You only have to go looking to find more. From basic to advanced, you can teach yourself all the techniques you need to master makeup. We recommend paying attention when they bring up cleansers and makeup removers though. Using makeup does mean needing to take care to clean it off properly to avoid clogging your pores. Good luck learning, guys.


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