CA Street Style Stars

Street style

Trying to get the look of a Californian just roaming the streets of Los Angeles is a difficult proposition. Everyone has a different idea of what it means…even Californians. The most often noticeable trend is a certain aura of casualness defined by a person’s individual passions and eccentricities. Colors can be vibrant or tastefully muted. Street style seems to, in essence, encompass all that it means to be human without looking like you’re trying to hard. This seems a bit philosophical, so OROGOLD has a few people to point you at that may not have any better definitions, but they can give you an idea of what the look actually looks like. Findings its spirit will be left up to you.

This pair of photographers call Los Angeles home and do their best to roam the streets looking for the best examples of style they can find. Retro, chic, vibrant, subdued, or ultramodern doesn’t make a difference at all. The men and women they take photos of are posed to show of clear views of their personal sense of style. Streetgeist’s photographers don’t hesitate to take photos regardless of age or ethnicity. This makes their blog a particularly vibrant example of California street style. There are plenty of examples of people using the current trend towards androgynous style as well. Just expect to see some interesting characters when looking for outfit ideas. Some people look like they’ve just stepped out of the movies.

Lady à la Mode
In an almost completely opposite direction, we have this blogger. She focuses predominantly on displaying her own sense of California style by creating vintage looks. Heavy emphasis is placed on vintage clothing or accessories to make a look, but they tend to all favor a comfortable and somewhat casual air. She emphasizes not necessarily needing to spend a great deal to make her outfits, but doesn’t shy away from tasteful modern outfits when she can coordinate them fairly. This old meets new approach can show you how to look your best while drawing on an older wardrobe or how to find a use for some of the older clothes in the attic. Just because its old doesn’t mean it can’t be new and in style again.

Zack Tanck
For men looking for a little direction, Tanck offers that and more. Also Los Angeles based, this blogger does his best to assemble quintessentially Californian styles. He favors using relaxed looking outfits that are easy enough to get on, but using combinations that take them from sloppy to chic. Nothing he chooses is too out of reach and some of it may already be waiting in the closet. The focus is on being comfortable in your own skin and capable of projecting through the outfit. Regular posts means there are always some fresh ideas to consider when updating your look. It doesn’t hurt that he’s fond of tasteful sunglasses either.

Each of these blogs has its own impression on what street style can mean, but they bring to it the distinct flair of California either from location or upbringing. The sheer variety is a welcome change for most people used to cookie cutter movie Californians. It really doesn’t take changing everything about yourself to get the look. OROGOLD recommends looking into some of the people the bloggers associate with for further ideas. Soon you’ll have more outfit ideas than you know what to do with.


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