Quintessential California Girl Style

California’s spirit reaches farther than its actual state lines. The reaching spirit gets touched across the world as people try to channel that sense of sun and surf into their own look. Looking like you just stepped off of a beach in California might seem a bit difficult without being there to see how everyone is dressed, but there are a few rules to keep in mind that can help you draw on that California Girl look. OROGOLD would like to highlight there is one very general rule to remember before the list even begins though: Californians generally don’t walk around wearing things with California on them. Emulating the California girl look requires subtlety.

Woman in a beach.

One of the key aspects to a California girl style is remembering to relax. Little about the style is meant to look anything at all like you’ve spent a great deal of time preparing. It requires an air and mentality of dedicating yourself to being casual. Yes, you can wear a nice outfit, but not one that is too tight. You can layer your clothing, but think of it more as wearing something an outfit that you wear an extra piece of clothing over to make it “professional”. California girls live in an area where work and play are only separated by a ten minute walk and you don’t necessarily want to be bothered with going all the way back to the apartment before enjoying yourself after work. As such, focus on looser, but flattering clothing oriented towards being beach ready without necessarily only being for the beach.

Natural makeup.

It’s Natural
The casual air should extend to any makeup use as well. Step out of a mindset where you focus on a dramatic look with a wide color palette, and instead consider using some of OROGOLD’s tips for enhancing your natural looks. This is part of California girl style too. A seamless transition between different activities requires a look that works wherever you are. Consider your skin tone and work from there with ways to enhance and complement your natural beauty. Just remember to keep it subtle overall. The style overall means embracing and being the epitome of casual ease. Embrace the mindset and it will even help you worry a bit less if you’re used to using more products.

Beachy look

Just Off the Beach
Hair often receives heavy emphasis in the California girl look. Long, straight blonde hair is a stereotype for a particular kind of California girl, but that’s not really the quintessential look you want. Focus more on using texturizing sprays and other tricks to lightly tousle your hair. It needs to look like it has seen the beach and that you’ve just come away to attend to “real life” before returning to the beach. Don’t use tight or highly formal hairstyles once you’ve gotten your hair to look like this either. Remember that you’re trying to look casual. A rushed looking bun or loose ponytail will serve to keep your hair in place, but keep you looking like it was more a concession to the world rather than part of a look.

At its heart, California girl style is essentially being yourself, but a you that doesn’t worry constantly about her appearance. You’re embodying the idea of a social and lived fluidity of being where you can be enjoying yourself in the sun one moment and be back to being professional in less than five minutes. As an extra tip, OROGOLD suggests carrying around sunscreen too for added authenticity and your skin’s health.


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