Why We Love California

There’s more to California than the stars of Hollywood. In fact, there are far more interesting places scattered throughout the state. There will always be a place for the pageantry of Hollywood, but sometimes it’s better to experience the other fascinating parts of the state. These range from places known for their sheer beauty to places you can go to get away from it all and recover. These are the places that OROGOLD finds the most compelling in the state. Some of these are easier to find than others, but we’re certain they can make any trip you take to California more memorable than the last. Just don’t forget to pack your sunscreen no matter where you go on this list.

Hotel Del Coronado.

Southern California’s beaches draw people from the world over, and the Coronado area is no different. Multiple beaches are around the area and rest near the famous ‘Hotel Del Coronado’. The hotel itself is a beautiful example of resort life from an earlier era and stands as a testament to the human love of the sea and sun. The primary beach itself caters to all sorts and remains safe for swimming even though surfers can also find much to like about the waves as well. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to stay right on the beach, the hotel itself remains in excellent state as an example of Victorian architecture, but it also has a little bit extra for the brave. The hotel has a reputation for being haunted so you can spend your day warm by the beach and the night chilled by the stories of the hotel.

Painted Canyon Hike.

Painted Canyon
This area of California is out in the desert region of California outside of Palm Springs. The canyons themselves are a product of the fault activity of California and generally credited as being the result of the San Andreas Fault. Regardless of their cause, the beautiful result is available for all to see. Colors flow from one to another amidst the rock and soil of the Painted Canyon and tower over hikers. Most of the colors are softer and therefore blend relatively well along the walls of the gorge. This location is a bit of a hike, so pack accordingly when visiting here. Additionally, ladders figure heavily into some trails through Painted Canyon, and as a result OROGOLD suggests this particular location if you lead a more active lifestyle.

Big Sur

Big Sur
As the place of choice of artists and other eclectic types for decades, it is little wonder that Big Sur has an unearthly quality to it. The towering coastal forest area clings to the Earth above pounding waves and looks out across the ocean with immortal patience. Big Sur offers a gateway into a primeval time with its timeless beauty and is a far cry from the beaches and deserts of Southern California. Retreats and other private accommodations dot the area. This has not turned the area into a true tourist trap though as California does its best to preserve the area. Thanks to this you can see many of the same sights that famous artists drawn to the area saw and perhaps even recognize them.

California’s diverse landscape offers something for everyone. This makes it a truly stunning place to live or vacation in. If where you’re visiting doesn’t suit you, you need only move up or down the coast until you find the right amount of people and atmosphere for your tastes. These places are only a few of OROGOLD’s favorite places in California and we actively encourage you to explore The Golden State. There are plenty of hidden and not-so-hidden gems to find.


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