How to Cover Tattoos

Woman with a tattoo on her shoulders

Tattoos are a wonderful way to express individuality or commemorate a particularly powerful event in your life with a permanent memento. The problem is that others don’t always appreciate the meaning behind tattoos. This can lead to a variety of social problems ranging from people complaining about the visibility of your tattoo during particular social events or a possible business partner being less certain of how professional you are. OROGOLD understands perfectly well that you don’t want to get rid of your tattoos, but dislike the judgment involved in some circles. As a result, we’d like to recommend a few ways to temporarily keep your “ink” out of the picture and people focused on who you are rather than how you’ve chosen to express yourself.

Intelligent Clothing Choice
This seems fairly obvious, but it is easy to dismiss some clothing options based on the season. If you have a tattoo that is easily covered by a long sleeve, then there is no reason you can’t find a tasteful with light enough fabric to artfully keep your tattoo hidden during a social function. It may be a bit difficult to consider such a thing in summer when you’re inclined to dress lightly, but more cover doesn’t need to mean you need to suffer to hide your tattoo. Simply remember to choose a fabric that breathes and opt for lighter colors if they suit you. You won’t be stuck in the gathering forever, and the novelty of your apparent style may even serve to help you stand out in a crowd.

Woman applying concealer

Clever Alternate Makeup Use
OROGOLD fully recognizes that a different style of clothing is not always an option though, and as a result we’d like to highlight you actually already have the means to cover up your tattoos sitting with your beauty supplies. Concealer and foundation will work just as well for covering up a tattoo as they will for covering up problem areas of skin. The main trick is making sure that you use them correctly. Remember to cleanse the tattooed area before doing this though. Cleansed skin will always handle makeup better. Other than that, focus on your typical techniques for covering up problem areas. Concealer, foundation, and then some sort of sealer. Don’t forget to blend around the edges either. We recommend testing this sometime before you need to actively hide your tattoo. This gives you extra time to see if you need to get a slightly different shade of foundation to better match the area the tattoo is on.

Professional Kits
If you’re feeling particularly worried about hiding your tattoo, then consider looking for a professional tattoo concealing kit. These typically include products similar to the standard makeup option we just covered, but are slightly thicker to definitively prevent any of the tattoo from showing up. There are some downsides to this though. Like all thick makeup, these kits aren’t the best for your skin over the long term because they can clog pores easily and don’t let your skin breathe. After using a kit, you should be extra kind to the tattooed area to ensure it recovers from the application of the kit. These kits are hard to beat for their effectiveness though and will provide you with extra peace of mind.

You don’t have to give up on your tattoos because someone might express disapproval, but keeping them out of sight long enough for you to establish that they aren’t a symbol of “problem” behavior is typically a good choice. The good news is that society is getting more accepting of tattoos as a whole. Just remember that they aren’t the best things to have visible for particular celebrations or job interviews. Keep OROGOLD’s suggestions in mind the next time you need to look your best…only a little less colorful.


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