Reduce Sore Muscles After Exercise

Staying in shape is a pain in more ways than one, but keeping your beach body all year long has its own rewards. The most common problem that comes up when it comes to exercise is that no one enjoys the soreness that follows an exercise routine. Compounding this is that most people don’t think that they can do anything about the soreness at all. There is something to it in that a healthy exercise routine by its nature leaves you a bit sore, but you can take steps to reduce the amount of time that you’re sore. OROGOLD has a few tips to keep in mind for both during and after your next exercise section that will help make post-exercise soreness less of a problem.

Woman stretching her legs.

Professionals say it all the time, but people continue to ignore them. Stretching before you exercise has a number of benefits. It gets your body ready to move before you exercise and helps “wake up” your muscles before you actually start exercising. There is, however, a certain trick that you need to keep in mind. Tailor your stretches to match the exercise that you’re about to do, and be mindful of your full range of movement. So before a jog or run, take the time to move through those motions slowly and deliberately. Don’t force any muscle to stretch beyond its natural range though. Doing so causes damage to the muscle that will be exacerbated by the exercise, and repeated microscopic injuries like that can eventually add up.

Woman applying cream.

Topical Treatments
Various ointments and creams exist explicitly to help with muscle soreness. OROGOLD recommends finding one that suits your particular tastes or discussing it with your fitness trainer. Professionals often have a good idea of products to use that provide decent muscle relaxing effects without the product itself being uncomfortable. These often function as a form of “heat treatment” in how they feel by generating a sensation of heat that helps loosen relaxed muscles. However, some occasionally have pungent scents. This makes finding a scentless ointment or cream important for a daily workout routine where you need to move immediately on to the next part of your day.

Woman taking a break in the gym.

Take Breaks
A common mistake for anyone with an exercise regime is constantly pushing themselves in the belief that is the best or only way to actually achieve results. The truth is that everyone benefits from taking a break from pushing their body. These are referred to as “cool down” sections. You don’t necessarily stop exercising, but you move from the longer burst of high intensity exercise to a period of lower intensity exercise. A good example is to take a break while jogging and simply walk for ten minutes now and then. This gives your body downtime that it uses to recover some from the higher intensity exercise, and in turn reduces how sore you are at the end.

While OROGOLD can’t recommend a magic product that will make sure you’re never sore again after exercise, you can make exercise something less dreaded by remembering these simple tips. Adjustments to diet, posture, and activity levels are also possible solutions to help with soreness by helping shape your body into its intended form. The main thing to remember though is not to give up on exercise due to soreness as a good exercise regime helps promote full body wellness and keeps you looking and feeling younger.


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