Skin Care Report: Multi-Masking

Woman getting a facial treatment in a spa

There always seems to be a new trend in skin care, and for now that’s multi-masking. OROGOLD has talked about the various skin types and their care before. Most people who care about their skin are aware of the broad types skin types: normal, oily, and dry. Each of these comes with a few easily followed rules for optimal care, but the problem is that very few people are just one of these types. Most people have “combination” skin and have to pick what skin care treatments work best for most of their face, and then fix the areas where the same treatment is actually bad for the skin. Multi-masking is a way around this problem.

Know Your Face
Using a multi-masking approach requires you to use your intimate knowledge of your face gained from a lifetime of caring for it as effectively as possible. Don’t just guess about whether you have an oily or a dry T-zone. Make a careful accounting for the products you’ve used over the years and what worked best. It should help you create a picture of how your skin is mapped out. An even better approach is to speak with a professional for a personalized skin care assessment. Professional assessment will increase the effectiveness of multi-masking in the long run.

Therapist applying a facial mask.

Use Quality Products
Trust what you know works. Utilizing any product as a mask is a personal experience, and everyone has a horror story about taking a random recommendation from a friend. Instead, refer to some of OROGOLD’s advice on appropriate products for different skin types. This will let you pick out the best products to use with your mental map of your face’s sections. Whether it is a moisturizing mask for the dry spots or an anti-aging mask for fine lines, make sure it is something you know works for you. If you got a professional’s aid in figuring out your skin types, then they can likewise provide you with quality suggestions.

Take Your Time
All products take time to both apply and work. This means allowing yourself you time. Set aside the time to wear your masks when you need to relax. The end of the day or a relaxing spa day are good options, but others exist. Carefully apply the appropriate product to the areas of the face it was picked for use with and try not to stray into any of the other skin areas to ensure the products don’t compete with one another and harm your skin. Then all you need to do is relax for a little while and let them do their work. Not only will the products themselves help, but ensuring you have time for relaxation lowers your stress and keeps you looking young.

In some ways, multi-masking is really something everyone, including OROGOLD, has known all along. Taking care of your skin requires using the right product in the right place. The difference is that it hadn’t occurred to many people before to use multiple products at once. Using professionally selected products all at the same time in the right areas will not only save you time in your skin care regime, but it will help your skin maintain an even look as the treatments will all occur at the same time. Multi-masking is one trend that you can be sure has something to it.

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