Makeup Looks Inspired by Our Favorite Films

Woman holding a cinema clap.

Movies are a great place to look for some makeup inspiration, be it a wilder, more extreme style, or something sophisticated and subtle. Read on for some great makeup looks, which you can easily replicate at home, that have been inspired by some of OROGOLD’s favorite films.

Breakfast at Tiffanys makeup and style look

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Audrey Hepburn’s look in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one that has gone on to become an iconic style ever since the movie was released. For this look, it is important to keep your skin looking as dewy and natural as possible, so use a tinted moisturizer as a base. Your eye makeup should be quite minimal. Apply a neutral shade of shadow to your lids, finishing it off with some brown liner to define your eyes. False lashes are key for this look, as they will help to give you the doe-eyed look. Allow your brows to be naturally thick, but keep them soft so that they are not overbearing. Stay away from lip glosses, as this will take away from the sophisticated and classy look that you are going for. Instead, OROGOLD suggests trying a neutral, matte lipstick, or a satin shade.

actress Reese Witherspoon

Featureflash /

Legally Blonde
Legally Blonde saw Reese Witherspoon starring as Elle Woods, complete with a pink-hued glow in almost every scene. To copy this fresh and youthful face, begin by applying a tinted moisturizer to give you a good base. OROGOLD also advises that you choose one that contains SPF for extra protection. Apply a second layer of this under your eyes to use as a concealer. For your eyes, stick to mauve, purple and cool tones, applying a light coating of shadow. Finish off your eyes with a lashing of mascara, and be sure not to forget to fill in your brows, either with a pencil or a powder. Using a pink blush, dust the apples of your cheeks, and finish off your Elle Woods look with a pink-toned lip glaze.

actress Keira Knightley

Ovidiu Hrubaru/

Pirates of the Caribbean
British actress Keira Knightley always looks stunning in every one of her movies, and the Pirates of the Caribbean was no exception. To get this look, you need to begin with a flawless base, opt for a cream matte foundation, blending it in well. A dark brown eye shadow will help to intensify your eyes, especially when followed by plenty of black kohl on the inside rim of your eyes. To make your eyes even more dramatic, curling your eyelashes is necessary, followed by some mascara. Your brows should also be full and thick, so fill yours in with an eyebrow powder if you have any gaps or thinning areas. Your lips and cheeks should be kept subtle – a berry-colored lip stain is all that you need. Don’t forget to keep your hair beautifully textured, just like Keira’s, to complete this stunning look.

Makeup inspiration can be found everywhere, from fashion to books to movies. Since movies all have talented makeup artists working on the cast, OROGOLD loves looking at films for new beauty and makeup inspiration. If you have a favorite movie makeup look that isn’t mentioned, let us know about it in the comments section below!


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