Summer Beauty Problems and Common Fixes

You might love the summertime months where the sun is bright, the winds are calm, and your favorite thing to do is get outside to enjoy all the season has to offer. What about your skin though? Are you having any common summer beauty problems? Here is a list of possible beauty obstacles in the summer and how to fix them fast.

Woman swimming in a pool

Problem: Hair with Swimming Pool Damage
If you are blonde especially, you might have problems with pool water turning your hair that icky greenish color. Or if you are brunette, but color treat your hair then it might be orange or a faded tone. To avoid this, you will want to wear a swim cap when you go into the pool. There are plenty of adorable ones you can buy online, so you don’t look like a little old lady, but more like a 1920’s film star. If you can’t hack the cap, then you need to wet your hair before you enter the pool with tap or bottled water. This helps your hair to absorb less chlorinated pool water since it can only absorb so much water in general. Try to rinse your hair immediately when you get out of the pool since that will also help to rinse the chlorine out of it. Once a week, try to cleanse with a deep cleansing clarifying shampoo, like Frederic Fekkai Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo ($28) which won’t strip the hair, but will get that layer of pool chemicals out of your hair in a flash.

Closeup of woman with beautiful legs wearing slippers.

Problem: Cracked Heels from Flip Flops or Sandals
Our recommendation? Regular professional pedicures every week during the summer. This will eliminate the cracked heel problem, when a pro buffs your feet to total smoothness. You can also work on caring for your feet at home. At night, lather your feet with a heavy moisturizer, even petroleum jelly will work its magic overnight. Then in the morning, exfoliate with a salt-based body scrub, like the OROGOLD Scrub, and using a pedicure foot file, buff away any remaining jagged skin by your heels. Do this at least 2 or 3 times a week to keep them smooth.

Woman sunbathing in a beach.

Problem: Sunburn!
First you are a bad, bad girl for getting a sunburn in the first place. Just kidding! It happens even when we seem to be vigilant with sunscreen. So when you get home, and feel that telltale warmth creeping over your skin be sure to apply an aloe based after sun product. Make sure that actual aloe is the first ingredient listed, and it’s not just dyed green goop you are putting on your skin posing as aloe vera. This will help to hydrate, and soothe the burn. Apply morning and night until the burn goes away. If you are in some serious pain, then you might want to soak in a lukewarm milk bath to help cool the burn. The amino acids in the milk are calming, in the same way that if you eat a hot pepper, you can kill the burn by taking a big swig of icy cold milk to neutralize the pain.

Woman touching her dehydrated skin.

Problem: Dehydrated Skin
Maybe you are peeling from a bad sunburn, or just are dry in general from time out in the sun. Get in the habit of using a strong moisturizer for your body skin. Try OROGOLD’s 24K Body Butter. This super rich moisturizer feels so thick and emollient, body butter is the perfect name for it.

Woman with frizzy hair.

Problem: Frizzy Out of Control Hair
Summer is notorious for high humidity in most areas across the United States. Luckily for us, the hair care industry is on top of things. There are many products geared towards frizz prevention. Living Proof, the hair care line co-owned by celebrity “Friend” Jennifer Aniston has just come out with a Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Proof Shield ($22). This patented product works even on dry hair to block out the humidity and correct the first signs of frizz. Its frizz-fighting molecule (OFPMA) together with an anti-static agent, UV protectants and soothing emollients help to smooth hair to perfection. It’s the only product you’ll need for frizz this summer.


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