Quick Fixes for Summer Hair Problems – OROGOLD Reviews

The extra heat and humidity that summer brings can quickly result in dry, damaged hair, as well as plenty of other hair problems. To keep your hair looking its best during these warmer months, take a look at OROGOLD’s quick fixes for common summer hair problems.

Woman wearing a swimming cap in a pool.

Protect Your Hair From Chlorine
Often, the most refreshing way to get away from the heat on a scorching day is to jump into the pool. However, swimming pools are filled with chlorine, which can easily, and quickly, damage your hair. Applying oil in your hair before stepping into the water is a great way to protect it, especially if you don’t want to be wearing a tight swimming cap. OROGOLD also recommends that after your swim, you do not use shampoo in your hair, and just rinse it with plain water.

Woman conditioning her hair

Use Hydrating Hair Products
The sun will severely dehydrate your hair, and the best way to put some of this necessary moisture back into it is to use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. These are packed with essential oils and plant extracts that will nourish your hair and leave it looking healthy, even in the hottest of temperatures. A conditioning treatment is also a useful product to have in your bathroom during the summer, as this is basically the same as giving your hair a facial! OROGOLD suggests applying a hydrating, deep conditioner before lying out in the sun, as this will not only enable the conditioner to penetrate deeper into your hair, but will also protect your hair from the sun.

Woman using a hair spray

Invest in an Anti-Frizz Spray or Serum
Humidity can bring out the worst in hair, and a huge tangle of frizz is not what anybody wants while trying to make the most of summer. A serum that is rich in vitamin E will help to control wavy hair, smoothing away any frizz. An anti-humidity spray is also extremely useful, and should be the last thing that you apply to your hair, after you have already styled it. Rather than applying it straight onto your hair, OROGOLD recommends spritzing some into the air and walking through the mist.

Woman wearing a broad rimmed hat in a beach

Sunscreen For Your Hair
When exposed to the sun, hair can often lighten, especially if it has been highlighted. Dark haired people aren’t exempt from this either, as the sun can turn their hair brassy, or slightly red. The best way to avoid this is to wear a wide-brimmed hat whenever you’re out in the sun, or even a scarf tied around your hair. However, when that isn’t an option, OROGOLD recommends using a hair product that has UV protection and contains vitamin E and sunflower oil, as this should give your hair sufficient protection.

Depending on where you spend the summer, the heat that your skin and hair will experience will be much more intense than usual. Taking good care of your hair and preventing any problems from occurring is the best way to ensure a carefree summer vacation!


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