Easy Fixes For Fashion Emergencies – OROGOLD Reviews

Fashion emergencies happen to everyone, and the worst thing about them is that they always seem to happen at the most inconvenient of times. Whether you’ve scuffed your shoes or sat on some chewing gum, there’s no need to panic, because with a bit of know-how, many fashion emergencies are easy to fix in no time at all.

Woman cleaning her shoes.

Scuffed Shoes
Scuffed shoes are an issue that can happen everyday, and the solution to the problem depends on the type of shoes you are wearing. For leather shoes, scrubbing them with a bit of toothpaste will get rid of any scuff marks, whereas for patent leather shoes, petroleum jelly works best and will have them shining like new. For scuffs on suede shoes, rub a pencil eraser on the marks, but rub it in one direction rather than moving it back and forth. Finally, for canvas shoes, make a paste from baking soda and water, and use this to get rid of any scuff marks.

Woman wearing a pink top pulling out chewing gum with her fingers.

Gum on Your Clothes
Finding that you’ve managed to get chewing gum stuck onto your dress or your jeans is always extremely annoying, especially because of how hard it can be to get the gum off. One way to do this is to firmly apply duct tape to the gum, before lifting it off, and repeating this process if necessary. Other ways to scrape it off would be to spray on a little hairspray, or use a sponge to apply some rubbing alcohol to the gum, as this will cause the gum to harden, making it easier to remove.

Beautiful woman looking at her deodorant stains.

Deodorant Stains
If you find that you have just stained your new white top with deodorant, a quick fix would be to rub the fabric vigorously against itself. The fibers on the fabric will remove the stains better than a towel, or any other piece of fabric, would. If your stains seem to be exceptionally persistent, use some white vinegar on them.

Woman drinking milk and spilling it on her clothes.

Dropping Food on Your Clothes
Rather than wearing your lunch on your blouse for the rest of the day, there is an easy way to remove stains from your clothes, whether they’re from food, coffee, wine, or even blood. Saturate the stain with white vinegar, letting it soak for a few minutes, before washing it out. You could also use Club Soda to heavily blot the stain, as this removes even the toughest of blood stains. Whatever the stain may be, keep in mind that when it comes to fresh stains, blotting it will always work better than rubbing it.

Woman wearing a ripped pantyhose.

Ripped Pantyhose
When you find a tear in your pantyhose, it needs to be taken care of immediately, because it will quickly become much bigger. Clear nail polish is the best product to use for a short term fix, dabbing a little bit on either side of the run, stopping it from becoming any bigger. If this is a problem that happens to you a lot, there are certain products that you can buy, which work in a similar way to clear nail polish, but doesn’t get hard and will hold up well in the wash, making it a longer-term solution.

To make sure that you are always prepared for any fashion emergencies that may arise, keep a little emergency toolkit in your bag, or in your office drawer, at all times. Include a small sewing kit, safety pins and some white vinegar, ensuring that no matter what arises, you are well-equipped to deal with it.


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