Unconventional Wedding Dresses – OROGOLD Reviews

With wedding season upon us once again, it is an ideal time to explore the world of wedding dresses. The big white meringue dress will usually come to mind, but these days, many brides are opting for something slightly more unconventional, whether it be an unusual color or a daring hemline. OROGOLD examines some of the most unconventional wedding dresses.

Ornate embellishments always make a dress seem more goddess-like, and look exceptional on a dress that has a simple silhouette. The top of the dress can be completely embellished, giving it a completely different texture and color from the rest of the dress. Embellishments also look great at the back of the dress, especially if the back is cut quite low, and gives your dress some great contrast with an edgier look.

Bride wearing a lilac colored wedding dress.

Wedding dresses can be found in a variety of colors, aimed at more unconventional brides who enjoy taking risks with their style choices. A princess style wedding dress is classic, but a great way to fully embrace the fairytale aspect would be to opt for a pink princess dress. Lilac is also a color that is set to be huge in fashion and beauty this season, and lilac wedding dresses have been seen on runways. Silver is also a great wedding dress color, as it is not too far from white, can still be paired with a white veil, and will have you shimmering down the aisle.

Bride wearing an unconventional wedding dress for a beach wedding.

A Wedding Dress Cover-Up
Beach weddings are usually more casual and low-key than traditional church ceremonies, and many are also very intimate, with only a few guests. When this is the case, an extravagant expensive gown is not needed, and there are some gorgeous sheer wedding dresses that double as a cover-up and can be worn over a white bikini or slip dress on your big day.

Wear the Pants
Whilst it may seem shocking to some, many brides are opting to ditch the dress altogether, and wear pants down the aisle, truly making a modern statement. You could either go for pants that are more tailored, and have a more extravagant top, or choose wide-legged pants that flow as you walk. Oscar De La Renta is a designer that has stunning examples of both.

Beautiful bride wearing a wedding dress with a short hemline.

Shorter Hemlines
There is no rule that states that wedding dresses need to be floor-length, and many brides enjoy the feeling of wearing a shorter dress, which, although unconventional, suits their style or body shape more than a floor-length gown. The length of the hemline is completely up to you, and no matter what you choose, they all still look great with a veil and other wedding accessories.

If you are choosing to go for a more unconventional wedding dress, it is even more important to make sure that it fits your body perfectly, so that your new look is stylish and not sloppy. Don’t be afraid to take chances with your wedding dress, and take the time to fully explore the more unconventional dresses out there. If there are certain elements that you like, collect images of these and look at getting your dress custom made for you, as you can then incorporate every design detail that you desire!


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