2015 Golden Glow Awards – OROGOLD’s Favorite Beauty Looks

Orogold’s 2015 Golden Glow Awards features some of the best beauty looks for this year. From a healthy bronzed complexion to sultry smoky eyes, these looks are perfect for every occasion this spring and summer.
Gorgeous woman with a glowing complexion.A Glowing Complexion
A glowing complexion that looks naturally and subtly bronzed is great for both day and night, and is a look that is simple to achieve. To begin with, lightly brush your usual foundation over your face, giving it a thin coating. Next, use a highlighter under your eyes, above your brow, and down the length of your nose, giving your face a much brighter look. If you don’t have a highlighter, you can use a foundation that is one shade lighter than your usual color. Next, use some bronzer around the contours of your face, going from the hollows of your cheeks up to your hairline. You can also apply some across your forehead and along your jawline for even more definition. Then, use the highlighter again on your cheekbones and around the outside corners of your eyes. Finally, apply a light layer of blush to the apples of your cheeks to complete your glowing look.
Gorgeous women with perfectly made up glamorous smoky eyes

Glamorous Smoky Eyes 
This is a great go-to look when you don’t have much time, as it is quick to do and always looks great, especially with glowing bronzed skin. Prime your eyes and then add a dark shade along your upper and lower lash line, starting off thin and gradually making it thicker as your near your outer eye. Blend it well and then apply a darker shade on top of this, which you also need to blend in. Use a light shade along your brow bone to intensify the look, and then finish it with some black kohl eye liner and a coating of mascara.

Beautiful lady with natural make-up and a nude pout.

A Nude Pout 
Nude lips are bang on trend at the moment, and are perfect for accentuating heavy makeup around the eyes. There are many nude shades of lipstick available, but for something extra special, look for a gold lipstick. Blend this onto your lips with the nude, and you will notice your lips look plumper and have more of a shimmer to them. Apply a couple of layers of a plumping lip gloss if you want a shinier pout.

Beautiful woman with long brown hair and perfect looking skin.

Effortless Hair 
ORO GOLD believes that the best way to keep the attention on your gorgeously glowing face is to make sure that your hair style is not too distracting. Effortless styles that look simple and chic are the best way to go for 2015. Avoid any tight buns and ponytails, and instead try a loose, low ponytail, tied below the nape of your neck.

There has been so much beauty inspiration recently, especially after all of the fashion weeks in cities around the world. Our favorite beauty looks feature some trendy yet classic styles that will suit every outfit and occasion, whilst being simple and easy to achieve. Try them all at once, or mix and match them with your personal favorite looks for a unique twist on our favorites.

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