OROGOLD on How to Look Amazing in Pictures – ORO GOLD Reviews

Taking a selfWe often try out ways to look good in pictures. Living in the Selfie generation and not knowing how to look good in a picture can actually be quite disastrous because not having a good picture means that we have nothing to post on our Facebook and Instagram profiles. And what person in the modern world isn’t active on social media? One of our biggest goals in life is to ensure that we don’t end up embarrassing ourselves when we get tagged on social networking websites. We are also always on the lookout for cute pictures where we look beautiful. OROGOLD Cosmetics shows you how to look amazing in pictures with this simple guide. So, whether you’re getting a professional photograph clicked or are taking a Selfie, following these tips from ORO GOLD can go a long way in ensuring that you look amazing while getting a photo clicked.

Makeup Tricks

The first and foremost lesson that you need to learn is how to maximize your looks with the help of makeup. You need makeup that doesn’t make you completely stand out, but doesn’t make you look dull either. Here are some of the top OROGOLD makeup tips to help you look amazing in pictures.

  • Choose an HD Foundation – If you’re very serious about getting the perfect picture clicked, you should always try to use a High-Definition foundation. This foundation was initially created for TV hosts and actresses and it almost looks invisible when you wear it. It is also available in all sorts of shades and it can hide just about everything.
  • Always start off with a primer – A primer helps to fade away the infections and fill in the fine lines that those horrible camera lenses always tend to focus on. Make sure that you invest in a good primer because it can make a world of difference to your overall looks.
  • Choose the right concealer – If the concealer you use is too light, you will end up having halos all around the eye area. If the concealer you use is too dark, you will end up having circles. Choose one that adjusts to your skin to solve your concealer problems once and for all.
  • Mind your neck – If you don’t venture further down with your foundation, you could have a face and a neck area that have a noticeable difference.
  • Use a blush and some bronzer – Using just one of these two products can make you look flat in the photograph. Apply the bronzer around your cheekbones and on the outside of your face. Follow this up with a blush by applying it to the apples of your cheeks.
  • Reinforce your brows – Your brows bring out the bone structure in a picture. Subtly sketch your brows with a pencil because they often tend to disappear in photographs.
  • Beautify your smile – OROGOLD recommends that you use a lip gloss that has a hint of blue. The tint automatically makes your teeth look whiter and brighter.
  • Keep the shine at bay – Putting a lot of powder can make your skin look very dry and dull in the photograph. Try to use oil-absorbing sheets to blot away that shine.

What Colors to Wear

Things like blacks, greens, turquoise and greens can act as the perfect base colors for the perfect photograph. You can always accent them with more dominant colors like red and pink. Try to keep the dominant colors for accents because they end up taking away the focus from your face. It also helps to stay away from using yellow, unless you plan to use it as an accent. One of the ideal color schemes that is preferred by women the world over is orange, brown, tan and a hint of maroon. You need tones that suit each other and go well with your overall personality. Here are a few ORO GOLD tips on what colors to wear for the best photographs.

  • Be wary of color contrasts – Stay away from colors that end up washing out your face. If you wear a color that resembles your skin tone, you won’t look well defined in the photograph. Stick to lighter and darker tones and ensure that you maintain a good contrast between your clothing and your skin color. If you have a dark or an olive colored complexion, white might be an ideal color to choose.
  • Coordinate your colors, don’t match them – You don’t need to wear perfectly matching colors. Try to use a few colors that go well with each other and look good together.
  • Limit the use of patterns – Patterns are not for everyone because they often end up distracting the final image.
  • Accessorize yourself – Accessories give your outfit an exciting value add and they also improve the way you look in a photograph. A necklace that the kids can play with, a hat which you can hide behind or a tie that you can hold while embracing your man are ideal things to look at.
  • Avoid all whites and all blacks – All whites and all blacks are totally out of fashion. If you’re wearing an all white shirt or an all black shirt, it is easy to lose the details in the photograph.

Poses that work best

Who doesn’t post photos of themselves in today’s Selfie driven world. One of the main things that truly define these Selfies is your pose. People often wonder about the best ways to pose for photos and finding your go-to pose can actually work wonders in transforming the way you look in a photograph. You need to understand that posing is actually a personal thing and poses that work for some might not necessarily work for others. The trick is to determine the pose in which you look better and the moves that really work for you. Check out these OROGOLD suggestions to find the perfect pose.

  • The Look Down pose – Call it the Look Down pose or the Armpit Sniff pose. When you’re posing for a solo photograph, this pose can help you appear to be effortless and this gives a more candid result.
  • The Arm Tuck pose – When you’re in the center along with a group of people, tuck in your elbows at your sides and angle the palms forward. Tilt your head slightly to one side. This gives you more personality and dimension rather than staring directly into the camera.
  • The Pop Your Collar pose – The Pop Your Collar pose is an ideal way to look candid. Try doing something while posing for a photograph. Things like pushing back a lock of hair or adjusting your collar can help you appear to be effortless.
  • The Sideways Snuggle pose – The Sideways Snuggle pose is an ideal one to employ when you’re clicking a photograph with your boyfriend. Angle your body towards the person and enjoy the side-face angle. Try to make eye contact with the person’s chest or face and this should make the photo appear to be very flattering and intimate.
  • The Jackie Chan pose – If you’re looking to appear silly and badass in the photo, all you have to do is employ the Jackie Chan fighting or leg kick pose.
  • The Lolly-Pop Head pose – The Lolly-Pop Head pose is ideal for a red carpet photograph. It requires an overhead angle that makes your head look slightly bigger and your body looks slightly smaller. Ask the person taking the photograph to stand on a step and angle the camera down if you’re looking to get this result.
  • The Thumb In Pocket pose – This simple pose is easy for a solo or a group photo and it makes you look completely at ease.
  • The Hand on Hip pose – The Hand on Hip pose is perfect if you’re at the end of the line in a group photo. This saves your arm from looking wider because of the lens angle. It also accentuates the slims of your arm and the nip of your waist. When using this pose, try angling your chin downwards.

Find the best OROGOLD tips that work for you from all three sections of this guide and you should be able to look amazing in all your future photographs. So take out those Selfie sticks and start clicking.


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