Which Vitamins Are Worth Taking – OROGOLD Reviews

Any conversation about your skin care or about your health is bound to steer towards vitamins at some point of time or the other. Unfortunately, the confusion surrounding all things related through your skin means that there are all sorts of half-truths and myths about vitamins. OROGOLD Cosmetics helps you to separate the best vitamins from the rest and helps you to realize that all vitamins are not good and more vitamins isn’t always better. It is important for you to understand that anything which is potentially good for the body can also be potentially damaging. This is particularly true if your dosage exceeds the recommended dose over a period of time, which ends up making vitamins toxic. OROGOLD helps you understand what vitamins are really worth bothering about? How do you determine what product to choose and what to leave behind? How do you sift through the conflicting science and choose the best possible solutions for your skin and your health? Well, here’s how.

The things that are worth taking

Zinc – Zinc can work wonders in shortening your colds. It is the ideal thing to be taken when you feel that itch in your throat. According to a randomized double-blind review that was conducted in the year 2011, zinc can shorten your cold within the first 24 hours itself, and that’s when the symptoms usually set in. It prevents the rhinoviruses from multiplying, thereby shortening the damage caused.

Vitamin B3 – Vitamin B3, also known as Niacin, is considered to be really beneficial for the overall health of your heart. It helps you to increase the high-density lipoprotein cholesterol level and reduce the low-density lipoprotein cholesterol level. A regulated dose of Vitamin B3 can also work wonders in reducing the chances of cardiovascular diseases. The highest concentrations of Vitamin B3 can be found in meat. The vitamin has also proven to increase the production of fatty acids and ceramides, two of the main components of the outer barrier of your skin.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C might be overhyped when it comes to your cold, but it is one of the most essential vitamins for the skin. There might not be any conclusive evidence which shows that Vitamin C helps to mitigate or prevent cold, but there are dozens of studies which show how important it is for your skin. Vitamin C helps to protect the skin from the damage caused by free radicals and this directly results in anti-aging benefits. Vitamin C can also prove to be good against colds that seem to be impossible to get rid of. Finally, Vitamin C works wonders in reducing your age spots and sun spots.

Vitamin B12 – Vitamin B12 is really beneficial for reducing health problems as you get older. The lower stomach acidity level makes it difficult for the human body to absorb Vitamin B12 once it gets old. This leads to a lower level of Vitamin B12, which can lead to a type of dementia or cognitive decline. Increasing the Vitamin B12 intake in old age can help you get rid of these issues.

Vitamin E – Vitamin E is another vitamin that might not be beneficial as a supplement, but is integral to your skin care. Vitamin E bolsters the UV defense of your skin and helps your skin to retain its natural moisturizers. It also has an amazing ability to neutralize the damage caused by free radicals.

Overhyped ingredients

Vitamin D – Vitamin D is one of the most overhyped ingredients in the world because in most cases, your body gets enough Vitamin D from sun exposure. Only people who live in areas that get very little sunlight require Vitamin D supplements.

Multivitamins – According to a study that was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, multivitamin vitamin supplements were proven to be a major waste of money.


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