OROGOLD’s New Year Fashion Resolutions – ORO GOLD Reviews

OROGOLD has been keeping tabs on the trendiest fashions for the coming New Year – and not to worry, we will always share that information with our readers! With that being said, we are here to provide you with some insight as to things you should (and shouldn’t) be doing in the coming months with the beginning of the New Year.

If you are still trying to come up with ideas as to what you should resolve for 2015, have no fear – ORO GOLD is here with some awesome ideas for your resolutions this January 1st!

Fashion DO: Rid Your Closet of Old Fashions

It’s almost January, and that means the brand new start of a new year. With the new year’s arrival, you should most definitely opt for getting rid of the old clothes in your closet and dresser that you never wear, don’t fit, and are impractical to your life, and the things that you just don’t quite like. It’s a time to start fresh, and buy new! Donating your clothes to a place that helps those in need is always a great feeling, and is good for the economy. Another option is to have a yard sale, or sell the clothing on consignment.

Fashion DON’T: Buy Sizes That Don’t Fit

It’s time to start thinking realistically, ladies. Just because you want to fit into a size 3 doesn’t mean it’s actually going to happen. Think realistically, and buy items you know you can wear now. This way, you aren’t wasting your money, nor are you depressing yourself, worrying about why you can’t fit into something two to three sizes too small for you.

Fashion DO: Resolve To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

If you want to lose weight and fit into that size 3 pair of pants mentioned above, before making those purchases, opt for a weight loss plan. Not only is it good for your fashion sense, it’s also good for your mind, body, and life in general. Your health will become markedly improved, and you will feel more energetic. It takes 30 days to develop a habit; get into the habit of working out almost daily if possible – even for 10-20 minutes a day. It really does make a difference. This is especially important for those who work office jobs and have to sit for lengthy periods of time. If you lose weight, you can buy and fit into anything you want! Just be sure to do it the healthy way with the incorporation of healthy weight loss, eating right, and drinking more water.

Fashion DON’T: Don’t Buy More Trendy Items than Necessary

Just because something is trendy, doesn’t mean it’s going to stay trendy a month from now. Fashion is always changing and evolving. Your closet should only have 15% trendy, and 75% practical everyday fashion. Don’t buy more trendy clothing than necessary. Opt for three – four pieces of trendy wear in order to be able to constantly update those trendy items.

Fashion DO: Try

Every woman has something beautiful she can showcase. Some women tend to throw themselves to the wayside, and not care about her looks after becoming a mother, becoming a wife, or working so much she feels as though she has no time. Every single woman should make it her mission to try each and every single day, to ensure she looks her best. Your husband will love this transformation, and so will your friends. You might even get some compliments out of the deal – and if they come from your kids, you know you are doing something right! Don’t allow yourself to fall off the horse – try to work on your image each and every day. Make this your number one fashion resolution! Sweatpants and t-shirts are so drab. There is a way to be fashionable and comfortable all at the same time – look around, and the styles you find might surprise you!

OROGOLD wishes everyone a Happy New Year and we hope these tips and advice has helped you to develop some great resolutions to ring in the year with!


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