OROGOLD’s Beauty Resolutions to Keep for Next Year – ORO GOLD Reviews

The new year 2015 is almost here as 2014 comes to a close, and is bringing with it great expectations from nearly everyone, in every facet of life. Though there is a lot to be desired and expected of 2015, today OROGOLD reviews some of the top beauty resolutions that we should all keep for the coming year.

In this article, we will detail beauty ideas and tips to keep in mind when thinking about your new style for the New Year. It’s only a few days away, and ORO GOLD would like to help you out with some trendy new styles to update your look and add to your repertoire.

Cup of water

Drink More Water!

Despite that mid-day desire to make a run to your nearest Starbucks, what your body might really be screaming out for is a big cup of water. Drinking more water is attributed to better health, better skin, and better hair and nails. Why wouldn’t any woman want to drink more water? Make a resolution to sip more water and less caffeinated beverages – which are also usually loaded with sugars and unnecessary fats. Your body will most definitely thank you!


Don’t Mess With Zits

If you have the uncontrollable urge to pop that pesky zit, we urge you – don’t! Not only can this introduce bacteria and infection, it can also leave ugly scars and spots on your face – and who wants to deal with that? When in five years down the road you’re standing in front of your mirror applying your makeup, and still see that scar, you will hate yourself for it. Just don’t. Let it run its course, and it will be gone in no time. For now, concealer and powder can do the trick!


Cleanse Daily

If you don’t have good skin care habits now, making it a resolution to wash your face at least once per day is essential to warding off those aforementioned zits before they begin. If you really want to take better care of your skin, try cleansing twice per day. Cleansing in the morning will remove any oil built up overnight, while cleansing at night will remove makeup, pollution, debris and oil from your daily life.

Loose ponytail

Loose Ponytails

Wearing loose pony tails are so in already, and with the coming season they are only getting ever more popular. Add loose braids and buns to the list as well! Loose styles can look elegant and flowy as well as something tight and sleek can. It’s all about developing your personal style.


Wear SPF More Often

Even during the winter months, SPF is important to block out the harmful rays from the sun. Before you leave in the morning for work, your morning walk, or jog, or even just to head out to the store, be sure to apply some sunscreen to your face and neck to ensure you don’t absorb any unnecessary rays that could be harmful or damaging to your skin.


Break Bad Habits

We all have them. Whether it’s smoking, excess amounts of caffeine, binge drinking, whatever, we all have something we need to work on. Why not make a healthy resolution to break those habits bit by bit until they’re gone for good? You’ll be amazed how proud of yourself you will be once you take charge of the situation and put an end to it.

Doing something daring- climbing a mountain

Do Something Daring

Do you need something exciting in your life? Why not try a new cut or adding bangs to your hair? Perhaps new ways of wearing a product in a new fashion or style will help to give you an edgy new look. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and do something daring. Go ahead, you know you want to!


Express Self Love

Above all else, love yourself. It’s not hard to sit and really think about all of the wonderful qualities you possess. It’s okay to brag on yourself every now and then. Write a list of all the amazing qualities you have and things you would like to work on or improve. Have a crack at each improvement one by one until you’re happy. Always, always love yourself.


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