OROGOLD Reports on Eyelash Extensions – ORO GOLD Reviews

Woman applying eyelash extensions

Women across the world have often longed for fuller, more beautiful lashes without the mess of mascara. Many mascara brands tend to look clumpy and artificial, and is a look that isn’t desired by women who are seeking natural looking beauty. For some, opting for wearing false lashes, which are applied and taken off daily or every other day, is a great alternative. Then, there are times where even that can become a hassle. Fidgeting with sticky glues and uncooperative lash bands can be a nightmare, especially when time is working against you. You could be left with a mess if you aren’t skilled in the application of artificial lashes.

There is another option for women hoping to attain a more full, lush lash line. Eyelash extensions are the new false lashes, and many women are now seeking specialized salons in which they can receive this application for a more natural, hassle free, beautiful look without the fuss.


What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent applications of material to the natural lashes which increase the lash width and length at the same time, and provide the appearance of a set of natural, thicker, longer lashes.

The materials used are usually comprised of silk, synthetic hair, or mink. Pricing can vary depending on the quality of the salon you seek, however pricing typically begins around $100 and can go up to the $800 range.

The fibers or hairs are applied using a special FDA approved bonding glue stronger than that which you would use with false lashes, which doesn’t touch the skin or impact the eyes in any way. The lashes are actually bonded to the natural lashes, and general only fall out as the natural lashes fall out. Re-application is suggested every 30 days, and typically does not require a new full set.

It generally takes about 1-3 hours to apply a full set of new lash extensions.


How do you Maintain Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are typically waterproof. You are generally advised not to wear any mascara when you have lash extensions, so this makes cleanup fairly easy.

The use of a mild facial cleanser and water, and makeup remover pads are all that is needed to maintain lash extensions.


Are they Safe?

There have been studies done which have shown lash extensions may cause allergic reactions in some, and even natural lash loss in others. These findings have been documented as rare, however. As with anything, the risk of allergic reaction when it comes to cosmetic products or application is possible for anyone, especially those with sensitive skin.

Trying out a new cosmetic experience can be fun and exciting. Be sure to do your research on any new cosmetic application to see if the process is right for you.

If you are sick of fighting with clumpy mascaras and false lashes, perhaps giving lash extensions a try would ultimately result in a happier, better experience for you.



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