OROGOLD Brings You High End Hair Products

If you are in the market for some new luxury hair products but aren’t quite sure what you want to buy or where to begin, OROGOLD would like to offer you some tips and advice on products we highly recommend. These are some of the best products on the market as of right now that we know of, and we would like to share that information with our great fans and readers. Enjoy, and be sure to implement at least some of these products into your hair regimen.

OROGOLD Brings You High End Hair Products


Lionesse Hair Serum

The Lionesse Hair Serum is a fine blend of luxury ingredients to provide you with sleek, manageable hair while providing plenty of shine and taming frizz and flyaways. This hair serum is a fantastic addition to your daily hair regimen whether you straighten your hair, blow dry your hair, or wear it wavy or curly. Add healthy shine and sheen with this fantastic product. Retail value is $70.


Herstyler Hair Straightener

Herstyler has some fantastic hair straighteners in both ceramic and tourmaline. Both of these types of straighteners provide high heat for a smooth finish without damaging the hair in any way. You will only need to make one pass through your hair with one of these amazing straighteners for fast, effortless and time-saving straightened hair. They come in a variety of colors and with many different options and upgrades. The Herstyler Straightener retails at $200+.


Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment

Moroccan Oil Hair Treatments from the Moroccan Oil hair company will make your hair feel silky smooth and frizz free. It won’t weigh your hair down like some other Moroccan Oils, and doesn’t feel greasy or heavy. Just a small bit does a big job. It also works wonders for damaged, overworked hair. Retail value is $36.


Serge Normant Meta Lush Volumizer

For those with flat, lifeless and dull hair, this great volumizing spray will provide you with all the volume you could possibly want. Just a simple spray to the roots of the hair and a quick tousle will give you more lush, voluminous hair in a snap. Infused with botanicals, UV protection, and proteins to strengthen the hair, this is a top notch product for any woman with thin hair. Retail value $23.


Living Proof Prime Style Extender

As a newer and innovative product in the hair care line, hair primers are a fantastic way to keep your hair style longer and keep your style looking fresh all day long. We love this particular version due to the fact that it is virtually weightless, and smells fantastic. Retail value $20.


The Proof is ‘in the Pudding’

Whether you choose to use one of these products or other high end products, choosing luxury products far supersedes opting for those which are lesser in price and quality. Splurging on great-for-you products is how you can guarantee perfect style every time.


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