Korean Beauty Secrets

Korean woman showing off her beautiful skinKorea has long been home to some of the most well-kept beauty secrets known to man…or, woman, we should say. In the United States, we have our way of practicing skincare, and count it as a typical part of everyday life. In Korea, however, it’s much more than that. Korean women take exceptionally good care of their skin, living their skin care rituals out as somewhat of a culture. Now, you can follow a similar skin care and makeup routine to mimic the fantastic skin the people from this culture have experienced for centuries. ORO GOLD is excited to explore some of the best kept Korean Skin care and Beauty secrets and share them with our readers.


Korean Skin Care Rituals

As the title says, Korean women have for centuries followed a specific skin care ritual to take exceptionally good care of their facial skin. They believe in cleansing the face not once at a time, but twice – and with two different products. The first product is typically an oil based cleanser, which believe it or not will not clog the pores or cause acne. Most of the time, the oil based cleanser is made from olive oil, which is moisturizing to the skin and is not harmful by any means to even sensitive skin.

After washing the face with the oil based cleanser, the next step is to cleanse with a gentle foaming cleanser of your choice. Followed by the second cleanse is the use of a good toner to tighten and tone the skin, and also to moisturize. Korean toners are generally lighter and milder than the typical brands purchased in the USA. Essence granules or capsules are used on the face next, and the Korean women believe they are essential to keeping wrinkles away. Once a week, Korean women use a sheet mask made from eggs or another light, fluffy texture, to remove impurities and also to moisturize.

From there, a special face serum is used to protect against wrinkles and fine lines. Korean women use these on spots they target which are at risk the most. Then the use of a good moisturizing cream which is applied to the entire face and neck area is required. Following the moisturizing cream, they then apply an eye cream with their pinky fingers and dab on gently to set. They believe the tapping method allows the cream to absorb better. Last, but certainly not least, Korean women will finish their skin care regimen with a good face cream. This locks in the hydration and moisturizes very well.

Surprisingly, the men of Korea also have a similar skin care routine in which they follow. Koreans believe in good skin care so that their skin will look fabulous for years to come.


Korean Beauty Tips

These are a few of the best kept Korean beauty tips that OROGOLD was able to get their hands on just for our loyal, dedicated readers:

  • Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning, and splash your face with cool water for a few minutes upon waking up to hydrate
  • Minimize your salt intake to nearly zero to maintain a well hydrated appearance and eat more raw fruits and vegetables
  • Rub your moisturizing cream between your hands for a minute or two to warm it, and apply it in a downward and outward motion
  • Use the “424” method when cleansing and toning, which requires you to cleanse your face with an oil based cleanser for four minutes, then a regular gentle foaming cleanser for 2 minutes, and then rinse your face for 4 minutes beginning with lukewarm water, and ending in cold water, to close the pores and lock in moisture
  • When applying toner to the face, tap it on, don’t rub it – and use your fingertips, not an applicator
  • Wear a good neck cream and cover your neck from your jawline to your décolletage for the maximum moisturized effect
  • Sleep for 8 hours every night for a restful, youthful appearance
  • To get the Korean makeup look, less is more, and neutral to light colors are their favorites
  • Do facial stretch exercises on a daily basis – try saying ‘May Me Mi Mo Moo” and really enunciate the wording with the facial expressions, causing stretching to occur in the cheeks. This should be repeated 10 times in a row once per day.
  • When cleansing the skin, use small circles to cleanse – never rub the skin
  • Be sure to exfoliate not only your face once per week, but your lips as well
  • Always apply a night cream before bed – but not before cleansing your face with the 424 method yet again!


We hope you have enjoyed this article, and will implement some of the Korean beauty and skin care tips into your own beauty routine.


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