Tips to Look Younger Now

They say that you only look as old as you feel. The world would be a much better place if our skin and our hair could hear that thought. Modern day lifestyles make things worse because most people start suffering from the signs of aging from their thirties itself. However, all is not lost. The advent of technology might have had a negative impact on our physical health, but it also brings us all sorts of solutions to ensure that we can prevent the signs of aging from appearing earlier than their due date. Things like sunscreens and cleansing can definitely work wonders in making the skin look younger, but there are a few other things that can also help you transform the way you look. OROGOLD brings you a few tips to look younger, NOW.

Woman with face oilUse facial oil

Cleansing might be important, but washing your face can also lead to a loss of essential oils from your skin, particularly the ones that make your skin look soft. One of the best ways to counteract this effect is to use facial oils after cleansing so as to ensure that your skin looks soft and supple for a longer period of time.


Change the way you look at beauty

It really doesn’t make sense to try and identify with the hottest teenage pop star if you’re nearing your forties. The hype created by glamor and fashion magazines don’t help either. OROGOLD suggests that you use celebrities who are closer to your age as inspiration for your style. The internet can offer you all sorts of information with regards to their makeup routines, hairstyles, hair colors and fashion styles. Don’t you think that you would feel much better trying to accomplish something that is difficult and not running after something that’s impossible?

Womans face showing marks for contouring and highlightingApply makeup the right way

You can make use of all sorts of makeup techniques to make your face look younger and more beautiful. One of the best ways to do this is contouring. Contouring refers to applying highlight and shadow tones with your makeup application that can help you define your face. The key to contouring is to find the perfect shade and blending. Once you find the perfect foundation shade, choose a shade that is one or two shades darker and also get a highlighter color than matches your skin tone. Remember, contouring is all about accentuating your features and diminishing your flaws. Contouring can act as the perfect weapon to glamorize your cheekbones and make you look younger instantly.


Fake brow-lifts

Use a highlighter pencil to create a fake brow-lift under the arch of your brows. This should give your eyes an instant lifting effect. All you need to do is draw a line, following the natural arches of your brow and blend it with a brush or your fingers.


Boost your cell renewal process with the help of anti-aging serums

If you’re not hooked on serums already, OROGOLD suggests that you start off with it as soon as possible. Not using an anti-aging serum means that you’re not making the best possible use of your skin care routine. There are all sorts of serums that can give your skin a firmer and plumper look and help you boost your your skin health.


Mature woman with soft hair style and textureAdd texture to your hairstyles

Avoid sporting a super-polished finish on your hair. Super pin straight styles can add years to your look, even if you’re still in your twenties. The best solution for your hair is to choose a texture that looks slightly undone like soft waves (think Victoria’s Secret catalog). You can use hair tools to achieve this look or for something easier try a texturizing spray.

Lighten your hair color

Lightening the hair color can help you to create an illusion of brighter skin. A dark-brown hue might make your strands look rich, but lightening your locks can also give your skin a glow because the lighter colors pick up the brighter pigments from your skin tone. Don’t go too drastic, just choose a color a couple tones lighter than your natural color.


Follow these simple, yet effective anti-aging tips and you should easily be able to look younger instantly!


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