OROGOLD Offers Tips on Hiring a Personal Shopper – ORO GOLD Reviews

Personal shopper sitting in her office

Leading a busy and hectic lifestyle can at times take a toll on our ability to complete the day to day tasks in everyday life. Things such as getting the shopping done become even more hectic and difficult due to time constraints. Sometimes, it’s necessary to hire help – and that’s perfectly okay. OROGOLD knows that everyone needs a little help sometimes.

There are a few important steps you should take before hiring anyone, which will protect you as well as match you up with someone with the proper qualifications for the job.


Step One – Do Your Research

You should know what it is exactly that you are looking for before actually trying to hire help. If you simply want a personal shopper, do some research on what exactly a personal shopper does. Also, research the rates most personal shoppers will charge per hour or per assignment so that you have a general ballpark idea as to what you can expect to pay for this service.


Step Two – Post an Advertisement

Finding a few good places to post an ad for help wanted is pretty easy thanks to the internet. Sites such as Craigslist, eBay Classifieds, and your local newspaper’s online classified section is a great place to start. You can also take your advertisement back to the old school and post a written advertisement in your local newspaper’s classified section. Any or all of these ideas are a great way to let the world know you are seeking help, and get the word out. You could also use your social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter to advertise. Social media is a great way to spread the word as you could have your friends share with their friends and their friends share with their friends. You get the point.


Step Three – Interview Candidates

After receiving inquiries about the position, you can narrow down your list of candidates to a handful. From there, you can conduct interviews and select those you feel would be a good fit for the job, and whose personalities mesh with yours. This is important, due to the fact that they will be working closely with you. Discuss the job details, rates of pay, and ask any questions you may have. Also, give the candidate an opportunity to ask questions as well. It is highly suggested that you run a background check on the candidate prior to hiring them. This can help you weed out those who are less than what you would expect from someone you hired. Arrest reports are public record and are available for free online; however, a thorough background check will cost you anywhere from $10-30.00. It is your responsibility to pay for the background check, not the candidates. Some companies offer a month’s subscription to their services to run as many background checks as you like for a monthly subscription fee. This is generally the best way to go.


Step Four – Make Your Decision and Hire

Deciding on the proper individual for the job is sometimes difficult, but it can be done. Weigh the pros and cons each person has and weigh your options from there. Work with someone you feel you can trust and who you believe will do the job right. Once the interview process is over and you make the hire, rest assured the best part is yet to come. Now that you can breathe a sigh of relief, it’s time to get to work – or to delegate it!


Step Five – Relax

Now that you’ve gotten some appropriate help for the job, you can rest assured that you can carry on as usual while one of the important things you previously had no time to do is being done. Be proud of yourself, and breathe easy – the hard part is done.


Hiring a personal shopper will alleviate the workload and stress off of yourself, providing you with time to complete the other things requiring your time. By doing this the right way, you will avoid a potentially negative outcome and be happy with the end result.


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