OROGOLD Tips on How to Quit Processed Foods

Various cans of processed foodProcessed food simply refers to any food item that has been altered from its natural state. Thus, even though it is contains natural ingredients, the organic baby spinach that you purchase from the markets and the frozen chickens are all examples of processed food. However, what this article mostly concerns itself with is a subsection of processed foods that are packaged using sodium, artificial ingredients and sugars. For example, a powdered cheese, canned soup or partially hydrogenated food items are likely to have sodium and other artificial ingredients in massive quantities. All such food items are quite harmful for your diet and they should be avoided. Although this seems to be easier said than done, here OROGOLD offers a few tips on how to quit processed foods.


Look out for packaged food items that have better ingredients

Search for brands that offer you with better and healthier ingredients. The ingredient list can differ from one brand to the other even when both are selling the same product. Ideally, you should be choosing the lesser of the two evils. This might not be the perfect start to your journey of quitting processed foods, but it’s still a start.


Learn to cook

You don’t need to become a master chef, but learning how to cook a few healthy and easy dishes can go a long way in ensuring that you stay away from processed food. Buy a decent cookbook, follow the instructions and practice whenever you’re free. You should be able to cook properly after a few tries. This helps you to quit the macaroni and cheese from the box and switch to something healthier instead.


Read the labels

Keep track of the labels before you buy food items. Make it a habit to check out the ingredient list for every product that you buy. Learn about products that are particularly beneficial for the body as well as products that are harmful. Keep this in mind when selecting products and food items for your kitchen.

Processed meat - bologne

Avoid magic potions

There’s nothing called magic. It’s all an illusion. So, when you hear about magical food items that state “just add water!!”, run as far away as possible. The problem with such items is that they usually disintegrate while you consume it and reintegrate into a congealed blob after ingestion. Don’t base your decisions on those super duper commercials. Base them on facts and realities. Remember, the magical world only looks good in story books.


Change your habits. Switch to real food

Start changing your food habits slowly, but steadily. Processed food items have a lot of sugar and sodium. If you fall into the habit of eating such food, real food will no longer seem appealing to your taste buds. The best thing to do is to slowly change your habits and add fresh food, real food into your palette. Remember, the taste of real macaroni and cheese is miles apart from the taste of the packaged one. The health benefits are also known to be poles apart. Try to make your own macaroni and cheese. Eat it slowly and savor the combinations. The fresh noodles are likely to feel wonderful and the savory taste of the cream should invigorate your senses. But, you need to give them a chance.


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