OROGOLD Brings You Beauty Tips Learned at New York Fashion Week

Model at New York Fashion WeekNew York Fashion Week is by far one of the most popular fashion weeks in the world and what could be a better place to learn about beauty tricks than one of the most popular fashion shows in the world? Those glamorous looking models all have their own ways of making their skin look so heavenly and flawless. The one thing that we learned about beauty from these models is that the idea is to look glamorous without looking too cosmetic. The idea is to go natural. But, how do you do that? Here are some of the tricks that OROGOLD learned from New York Fashion Week – from fashionistas to designers to models best beauty tips.

Why use false lashes when your real ones can look as good

False lashes might be really popular, but do you really need them? What if we told you that there is a way to make your natural lashes look just as good. Well, that’s what the models of the New York Fashion Week swear by. The secret is simple. All you need to do is add mascara on your real lashes and then add a few small sections of false lashes that look natural. Add another coat of volumizing mascara to complete that heavenly look. There’s another way to get that look for all those of you wanting to stay away from false lashes completely. All you need to do is hold a credit card or visiting card behind your lashes and brush your lashes with some mascara. The effects will be wondrous.


Go easy on your foundation

Contrary to what many would have you believe, using too much foundation is never a good idea. Remember, the lesser foundations you use, the more natural you look. Lesser foundations also mean a less oily look. Remember to use a matte formula on most areas of your face and then top it up with a creamy formula on places that you want to highlight (places like your cheekbones). This should help you get the perfect look and make you look luminous.


Wined eyeliner is not as difficult as it sounds

Winged eyeliner can give a great sense of character to your eyes and they are not too difficult to make either. All you need is a matte black cream formula and an eyeliner pen. The pen helps you to create outline and you can easily buildup the products on them. Use these pens to create the accurate tips and then line the rest of your eye with a cream liner.


Don’t pile on more powder or foundation to hide oily skin

Many people end up piling on their powder and their foundation to hide areas where the skin becomes too shiny. However, this makes them look very plastic. The best solution is to use oil blotting sheets to remove the extra shine. This is much more effective than those foundations and powders.


Use your fingers to give your skin that extra glow

Use your fingers to get that perfect texture with a dewy product. In fact, many at NY Fashion Week were sporting their lipsticks on their cheeks to get the perfect finish.


Learn how to multi-task

Finally, the most important thing that you need to understand is that there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to makeup. Anything that looks good for you is fine. Just as mix and match fashion has become a must in fashion, multi-tasking with your make-up is very important as well. Patting on some lipstick onto your cheeks or using your cheek color on your lips or even under your eyes, anything’s possible in the world of beauty. Remember, you are only limited by your own imagination.


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