OROGOLD on Caring for Pale Skin

Attractive young woman with pale skinWomen with pale skin can consider themselves to be blessed as it is very easy for them to boast of fair and radiant complexions. Some of the most beautiful ladies in Hollywood such as Nicole Kidman and Anne Hathaway have pale skin. However, without the right skin care routine, pale skin can begin to look ghastly within days. One of the biggest problems with pale skin is that it is very delicate. As a result, it needs constant supervision and care. Pale skin is also known to be the most vulnerable to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Some of the main challenges faced by people with pale skin include flaccid or limp looking skin, whiteheads and thin wrinkles. For all of you who suffer from similar problems, OROGOLD has put together a few tips on caring for pale skin.

Fill your diet with Vitamin C
Having a diet which is rich in Vitamin C is one of the best ways of preserving the defenses and the quality of your skin tissues. Vitamin C can be found in all kinds of citrus fruits such as oranges, strawberries and kiwis as well as things like fresh herbs, green leafy vegetables and bell peppers.

Sunscreens are a must
Pale skin is very prone to sun damage and it burns quite easily as well. As a result, people with pale skin simply cannot skip out on a broad spectrum sunscreen that offers SPF 30 sun protection. Try and ensure that the sunscreen also contains ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Sunscreens are the first line of defense and you should be applying them once in every two hours spent under the sun. However, it is important not to forget to protect the delicate skin on the face by wearing a broad rimmed hat and sunglasses.

Oil free make-up removers
Using oil free make-up removers is very important for those with pale skin. This is an ideal way of removing makeup because it suits the sensitive skin and also doesn’t add to the oil content of the skin.

Harsh products can torment and damage
It always helps to consult the dermatologist before trying out any new skin care products. People with pale skin suffer from skin sensitivity and harsh products can end up causing a lot of damage to the skin. Moreover, using too many skin care products isn’t recommended for people with pale skin either. In fact, many people end up realizing that the simpler their skin care routine is, the better their skin looks. Ideally, you should cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser once in the morning and once at night and use a moisturizer two times a day – once in the morning and once at night. The only other thing that your skin needs is proper sun protection. Apart from this, you really don’t need anything more for your skin.

Regular exercise
Regular exercise is an effective way of giving yourself a natural glow. Exercising helps you to enhance the flow of blood to your skin and this makes your skin glow and seem beautiful.

No smoking
Make sure that you stay away from smoking. Smoking prevents the blood from reaching your skin. This makes your pale skin seem ghostly and dull. In fact, nothing could be worse than smoking when it comes to people with pale skin.

Moisturize your skin
Moisturizing your skin is very important for people with pale skin. Since the pale skin is considered to be very delicate, it can easily be affected by the harmful free radicals present in the environment or the harmful UV rays of the sun. In most cases, this leads to a loss of moisture which ends up making the skin look dull and dry. Moisturizing the skin is the best way to make sure that it looks hydrated and youthful.


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