OROGOLD on Caring for Asian Skin

Young Asian women with good skinThis week we will be exploring caring for different skin types based on ethnicity. While we all have skin that is very similar, it is also different. Our ethnicities give us differing backgrounds which play a role in our skin. Someone living in Europe will have common skin issues or routines that different from someone from Africa. We will begin by looking at Asian skin. Asians are particularly famous for their flawless skin. While Asian people tend to have smoother skin when compared to their European and North American counterparts, they are also known to have larger pores. As a result, Asian skin is frequently prone to acne and irritation. To combat the large sized pores, dermatologists across the world suggest Asians to exfoliate their skin on a daily basis in order to even out their texture and minimize the appearance of pores. Moreover, since Asian skin gets irritated easily, skin care products that contain fragrance or alcohol are not suitable for Asians.

Weather also plays a huge role when it comes to Asians and their skin. Extreme weather fluctuations mean that proper protection is required all throughout the year. Hot summers can end up causing oily skin caused by excessive oil production in the skin. This leads to acne, breakouts and larger pores. On the other hand, the winters end up leaving the skin high and dry. Irritations, lack of moisture, premature aging and cracking are extremely common during the winter months.

Another problem with Asian skin is that it scars and spots easily, particularly as skin blemishes heal themselves. The best way to ensure that these scars and spots disappear with time is to follow a proper skin care routine that suits Asian skin.

Preparing the skin for cleansing

Asians need to follow a two step cleansing routine. The first step requires one to use liquid removers to get rid of makeup and dirt from the skin. The second step involves using a mild oil based cleanser and washing the skin with lukewarm water.

Exfoliating the skin

Asian skin is known to commonly have large sized pores. As a result, dead skin cells and dirt tend to accumulate on the outer layers of the skin. Therefore, exfoliation at regular intervals is extremely important. However, this doesn’t mean that one needs to scrub their entire face area rigorously. It is better to focus on areas that need the most exfoliation and scrub the remaining areas gently.

Using specialized skin treatments

This step requires one to use serums, conditioners or creams to treat different kinds of skin issues. Most specialized treatment solutions contain special ingredients which get into the deeper lying areas of the skin and work their magic from within. The texture of these products might include liquids and gels to emulsions and creams, but the end results they offer is quite similar. Serums are highly useful when it comes to treating fine lines and wrinkles and for areas that have sensitive skin, such as the area around the eyes.

Moisturizing the skin

This step helps one to seal and lock the moisture content in their skin. Those with oily skin would be better off with emulsions. The best way to apply moisturizers (cream based) is to warm the cream in the palm before applying it onto the skin. The heat helps the product to get absorbed easily. There are several products that also create a heating effect upon application that can be found in the market. These products are ideal for Asian skin.

Using Turmeric

Asians are famous for their use of turmeric in skin care. In fact, using turmeric is believed to rank among the most popular beauty secrets in Asia. Applying turmeric on the skin helps to restore its suppleness and also get rid of fine lines and wrinkles.

Keeping the skin hydrated

Skin care products can keep the skin hydrated from the outside, but internal hydration is also known to be equally important. The hot and humid weather of Asia makes drinking water even more important.  Make sure that you are drinking at least 10 – 12 glasses of water every day.


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