OROGOLD Brings You Princess Di’s Beauty Secrets

Princess Diana

The Princess of Wales passed away seventeen years ago, but she will always be remembered for her kindness, exceptional beauty and unique fashion style. When it comes to popularity, she was probably one of the most photographed and interviewed women of all time. Her beauty was not only great in the terms of physical beauty, but also in terms of an inner strength and glow that were reflected in her eyes and the way she approached life. Even after seventeen years the secrets to Princess Di’s beauty are still inspirational. Many women are still eager to learn more about her beauty routine.


Royal Beauty

The Princess loved fashion and followed a healthy lifestyle. Before she became member of the royal family her style had been that of a beautiful, young kindergarten teacher wearing pretty blouses and skirts. As a Princess she slowly developed her own fashion and beauty style. She had smooth, sensitive skin and her daily skin care routine consisted of regular make up removal, cleansing with mild glycerin soap and applying toning lotions and moisturizers. One of her secrets was using the correct foundation and concealer to create that beautiful skin. The key to her flawless skin was also in her constant care and in quitting bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol.  Lady Diana used make up moderately to highlight her beautiful blue eyes and naturally white skin. She loved to put on only light makeup, used black pencil for eyes and a mascara with some pink blush on her cheeks. Lady Di was fond of experimenting with different colors and used lipsticks to go with her mood. She knew how to make her own style which is why she was considered a fashion icon in the 20th century. Even with fame and fortune, she remained kind and sacrificed herself for children and people who were struggling to survive in Africa.


One of the biggest lessons we can learn about beauty from the Princess is to remain true to our natural looks by using make up only to accentuate our best features. This is exactly what Lady Di did when she amazed the world on her wedding day. Although she had her own makeup artist to advise her, she did not experiment too much with her natural beauty. One of the beauty secrets we learned from the Princess must certainly include elegance. Elegance which comes from both personality and physical beauty. To achieve this a woman should work on herself and always keep in mind that although beauty is a gift, it needs constant care. If you want beautiful skin that glows, your most important skin care treatment should be the same as Princess Di’s beauty secrets:

  • Clean your face at least twice a day
  • Use facial masks with natural ingredients that you can make in the kitchen
  • Remember to always remove makeup in the evening
  • Eat healthy and drink plenty of water
  • Get enough quality sleep and exercise
  • Highlight your eyes or your lips, not both
  • Apply SPF every day
  • Use a good moisturizer on your skin

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