OROGOLD Presents Salad Ingredients for Blemish Free Skin

5 Salad Ingredients for Blemish Free Skin InfographicFlawless skin and younger looking skin are things that everyone dreams of having, but very few actually manage to achieve. Some of us are blessed with blemish-free skin from the word go, but the rest of us need to put in that extra bit of effort (a lot of effort, actually) to ensure that our skin remains blemish-free and looks healthier. Now, you’ve probably heard a lot about what skin care products to use and which ingredients to search for when you’re on the hunt for blemish-free skin. But, did you know that using the right skin care products isn’t going to be enough. OROGOLD discovered that you also need to ensure that you balance out your skin care routine with the right kind of food. Luckily for you, eating the right food is quite simple. And you can easily eat the right stuff by adding a simple salad into your diet. All you need to do is add the right ingredients and you should be able to do wonders to your skin in no time at all. OROGOLD reviews the top 5 ingredients for blemish-free skin with this article.


Radishes are known to be extremely healthy for your skin care as well as your health care. They are extremely rich in dietary fiber, which is essential to maintain the pace of your body metabolism. Radishes are also known to be extremely rich in Vitamins A, B9, and C which help to treat your skin disorders to a great extent. Furthermore, radishes are known for their disinfectant properties and antioxidant content as well.


They did not associate spinach with those bulging muscles of Popeye the Sailor for nothing. Spinach is yet another ingredient that is known to work wonders not just for your skin, but also for your health and your body. Spinach is considered to be a powerhouse of antioxidants and it does wonders with anti-aging. It is also rich in Vitamins A, C, E and K; all of which are associated with blemish-free skin. Finally, eating spinach allows you to ingest a high mineral content in your body, thereby strengthening your skin tissues and leaving you with glowing skin.


Arugula is a green leafy herb that is commonly used in salads. The chlorophyll present in arugula leaves is known to help in detoxifying your skin and the beta carotene present in the herb helps your body to fight skin cancer. Arugula is also known to be extremely rich in folate and Vitamin K. Finally, arugula is considered to be low in oxalates (oxlates are things that usually interfere with the body’s calcium absorption process).


Walnuts are a major source of omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are extremely important for your skin as they help you prevent acne, reduce redness and inflammation and give you healthy and glowing skin. Moreover, walnuts are also known to be rich in B Vitamins and we all know how important B Vitamins are for the human body.

Safflower oil

Safflower oil is usually known for its lubricating properties, meaning that it acts as a protective barrier for your skin and helps you to prevent the loss of moisture. Safflower oil works in tandem with your skin to soothe skin problems, reduce roughness and also get rid of dry skin. Furthermore, safflower oil is also known to be very rich in linoleic acid (an Omega-6 fatty acid) that helps your skin maintain its glow.

As boring as these ingredients might sound, you can actually turn them into a tasty salad. If you don’t consider yourself to be quite crafty in the kitchen, stay tuned for some delicious salad recipes.


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