Top Cities for Your Skin

Woman with good skin posing, city view in the backgroundYou might not suffer from skin problems such as dry skin or chapped lips during the summers, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be suffering from bug bites or sunburn. Irrespective of what season it is, you may be faced with a range of skin care issues and problems all through the year. Most of you are well aware of the various skin care methods by now, but did you know that the city you live in also plays a huge role in skin care? According to the beauty and skin care experts, who analyzed 55 cities across the US in order to determine where the skin was most likely to shine, there are some cities which stand out among the rest. Each city was ranked as per a number of criteria such as skin cancer rates, air pollution, smoking ratios, climate, etc. The experts also made use of data obtained from the American Lung Association, CDC, American Academy of Dermatology, the Census Bureau, etc. in their research.  So without further adieu, OROGOLD reviews the top 10 cities for your skin in the US.

Austin ranks in this list because it is considered to be the city that has the most physically active population in the US. Exercise is a major part of the lifestyle of the locals and the skin cancer rates are considerably as well. The fact that the population is more active also means that there is less obesity in the city and science has already proven that there is a link  between skin cancer and inflammation.

The residents of Milwaukee are less exposed to the harmful rays of the sun due to the long winters and the shorter summers. The lesser sun exposure combined with the low levels of pollution offer residents with a decent climate to live in. This in turn reduces the damage caused to the skin.

New York City
Big Apple residents boast of having the lowest skin cancer death rate in the country. You would not expect the most populous city to rank in the list of the best cities for your skin in the US, but all credit must be given to the smart locals who know how to maintain their bodies and take care of their skin. Another advantage that New York enjoys is the public ban on smoking that forces people to refrain from smoking in public places.

Boston is considered to be the city with the most dermatologists: 1 per 100,000 people! Since Boston is known to be the heart of clinical research in dermatology, this figure hardly raises any eyebrows. The presence of a larger number of dermatologists somewhat helps people to become more skin conscious and follow proper skin care routines.

The most popular city in Hawaii ranks in this list due to the low amounts of pollution. Air pollutants are known to contain free radicals that harm the skin and lead to rashes and inflammation. In fact, Honolulu is known to enjoy zero high ozone days and has the lowest air pollution rate in the country. This makes Honolulu an extremely healthy city for your skin. Moreover, the constant sunshine also ensures that people are more vigilant about sunscreen when compared to people from other cities.

Chicago, like Boston, is home to an incredibly high number of skin care specialists. In fact, Chicago has the most among all metropolitan areas in the US. Chicago also enjoys shorter summers which directly translates to lesser skin damage.

According to reports, the residents of Baltimore are known to have the lowest incidence of Melanoma. Despite the many sunny days, Baltimore still manages to boast of an extremely low skin cancer death rate due to the exceptional medical resources in the city.

According to reports, the sun shines for just about 47% of the time in Seattle. As gloomy as this sounds, it is actually quite beneficial for your skin. Sunburns are less likely but it is still possible to get enough Vitamin D without having to completely depend on Vitamin D supplements.

San Francisco
San Francisco is considered to have the lowest number of tanning beds in the US. Well, considering the ample amounts of sunshine that the city already enjoys, the locals don’t need tanning beds any ways. Moreover, the locals are also known to be extremely careful about using sunscreen. As a result, the skin cancer death rate in San Francisco is extremely low.

The city of Portland is considered to rank at the very top of the list of the best cities for your skin in the US. Portland enjoys a low level of pollution and low ozone rates as well. This helps you to save your skin from inflammation, wrinkles, fine lines and early aging. The city is also known to witness large amounts of rainfall. As a result, people stay out of the sun much longer than locals in other cities.


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