Summer Trends and Fashions

Summer is finally here! And when it comes to summer, you want to look your best with the hottest looks, both for makeup and fashion. You already know how to keep yourself safe during the summer months — lather up on sunscreen, don’t tan and avoid staying in the heat for too long. But why just beat the heat when you can set the weather on fire with your gorgeous new looks?

However, we have seven tips that can take you from just tolerating the summer to setting it on fire with the best fashion available. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of strappy shoes or seeking a sexy summer dress that is sure to turn heads, we have you covered:

Young woman with bright lips and nailsBRIGHT LIPS AND TIPS — Hot weather demands equally hot shades on your lips and nails, so feel free to indulge in bright shades. Coral, tangerine and bright pink looks great on your lips, while stunning yellow, sunshine orange and even fuchsia are fierce on nails. Just make sure not to overdo the bright shades: Keep the rest of your makeup look neutral to avoid looking like a Barbie doll.

WHO WEARS SHORT SHORTS? You wear short shorts! No matter what size you are, short shorts give you the illusion of longer legs and can be paired with almost anything, from sexy wedges to peasant shirts. Traditional denim cutoffs are great, but feel free to experiment with brightly colored pairs and even floral shorts to get into the change-of-weather spirit.

Beautiful young lady in white dress and sun hatWHITE NIGHTS — A stunning white dress looks particularly dramatic and glamorous during the summer months. Whether you like a romantic strapless mini dress or prefer to hit the beach in a dramatic maxi, white is sure to make any bonfire glow. Just make sure to keep the fabrics light — gauzy textures, crochet-style and eyelet lace are best. Avoid heavy jerseys if possible.

STRAP IT UP — As summer arrives, you’re probably playing up your toes with a nice pedicure, so what better way to show off shoes than with a pair of strappy sandals? Slip on a boho-style pair with ankle straps and glittering accents to help make your toes stand out. If you want a platform-style height, go for wedges, which are more comfortable and transition to beach wear faster than high-heeled shoes can.

Colorful eyesWATERCOLOR EYES — If you want to play up your peepers, summer is the best time to experiment with different colors to enhance your eye color. Teals, bright blues and lime greens are ways to make your eyes pop beyond the normal brown shadows and liners. Just make sure to go for waterproof formulas — that way you can look great both in and out of the water and no matter how much you sweat.

MAD HATTER — As it’s important to douse yourself in a high SPF, it’s important to protect your scalp as well from sun. Luckily, all you need is a sun hat. Not only do they make you look effortlessly chic and solve the problem of what to do with stubborn summer hair, but they also protect the top of your head and face from too much sun. Whether it’s a glamorous big, floppy hat or a fun baseball cap, there are no limits to your choices.

Young man and woman hanging out in their sunglassesTHROW SHADES —  There’s nothing quite like a big pair of movie star sunglasses to make you feel like a celebrity. But your favorite shades should go beyond that to protect your eyes from harming rays that can cause eye problems like glaucoma down the line, particularly for girls with lighter-colored eyes. Make sure your favorite pair isn’t just glamorous, but also has 100 percent UV protection.

What are your favorite looks for summer? Do you have any favorite brands or items that you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments below!

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