Men, women love your hair no matter how you wear it. Whether it’s unkempt just getting out of bed or a smooth slick back, they just can’t get enough. But it’s not enough that they like it. You want to be stylish, smooth and good-looking, too. Luckily, there are plenty of options to boost your confidence and make you feel good.

Whether you have long, luxurious hair or you may be losing some off the top, here are some of our favorite styles for men:

Young man with Faux Hawk hairdoFAUX HAWK

This style gives you punk attitude while remaining modern. The faux hawk works best on medium-length hair with shorter sides, so before you try this style, make sure you have the right cut first.

DO: Find a medium-strength pomade, styling wax or gel that will give you hold without too much stiffness. The key to this look is to maintain movement despite its unique style.

DO: Shape your faux hawk on towel-dried hair before applying product. Wet hair will dilute your styling product and not hold the shape while dry hair with make it too harsh.

DON’T: Wear this look if you’re over the age of 40. There are some looks that men have a hard time with as they get older, and this is one of them.

Young man with slicked down hairSLICKED BACK

This is the best style to give you that 1960s stylish, masculine look that ladies often dream about when they see Jon Hamm grace their screens in Mad Men, and it looks dapper at any age.

DO: Find your natural part. You’ll need it to give your face the right shape for this look. Use a medium-tooth comb while your hair is wet to identify and smooth it out.

DO: Use a strong pomade or wax that gives you hold. The key to the slicked back look is looking put-together with no fly away hairs, and you can’t do that with a weak product.

DON’T: Try this on too-short or too-long hair. If it’s too short, you won’t get the classic look you want, and if it’s too long you’ may come off a bit sleazy.

Man with spikey hair styleSPIKED

This style takes a normal haircut and dresses it up to be a sexy, devil-may-care presence. This look is great on almost all lengths of hair.

DO: Use your fingers to start your natural-looking spikes. While your hair is wet, run your fingers through your hair and up to give you a natural, messed-up look.

DO: Set with gel and hair spray, although there is such a thing as overkill. Like the faux hawk, spikes should still have some movement to them.

DON’T: Don’t go too spiky — this look is meant not to be uniform, but rather like you messed up your hair a bit getting out of bed. If you get the appearance of a porcupine or a ‘90s boy band member, you have gone too far.

Young man with long hair styleLONG HAIR

Sometimes you just need to let you hair to simply grow out,. You don’t need to look like you stepped out of a 1960’s love-in or ride a motorcycle, either. Long hair can be downright stylish and sexy.

DO: Take vitamins. You need your hair to be healthy from the inside out, and getting a regular dose of biotin will help keep your hair shiny.

DO: Opt for layers. You don’t want a feminine cut, but layers will make sure that your face is framed correctly and gives you the best appearance.

DON’T: Leave it unkempt or grow it too long; longer hair needs regular maintenance so it doesn’t look bad. Make sure that you regularly cut dead ends and style it with the right products.

Young man with shaved headTHINNING

It’s a natural part of men’s hair — hair loss and receding hairlines are unavoidable, but it doesn’t mean that you have to take it badly. There are many options that can make a man’s hair sexy even as he’s losing it.

DO: Look at hairstyles that can cover thinning hair, such as close crew cuts or shaggy layers. If you do choose to embrace your receding hairline, keep the sides short.

DO: If you’re feeling really bold, buzzing or shaving your hair off completely can give you a modern edge with less maintenance than other hairstyles.

DON’T: Opt for a comb-over. It’s tacky and makes you look older than you actually are.

Men, what are your favorite hair looks? Ladies, what do you love to see your men wear? Let us know in the comments below!


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