Gold Style: How to Look Like a Golden Goddess

Gold is a classic color. As an element, it is regarded as timeless and valuable. When it comes to fashion, it can be classified as one of the more neutral options when you want to don a glamorous look. Gold dresses usually look great for night events and formal parties. If you want to look like a golden goddess, here are some tips we have for you.

Actress Diane Kruger walking the red carpet

What Style Should You Wear?

The style would depend on the occasion, but here are some general styles you can choose from:

  • Cocktail dress – A cocktail dress usually works well for younger ladies attending parties. A corset-like top or a halter top structure matched with an above-the-knee A-line skirt would look great.
  • Empire cut – The empire cut is a more classic cut which would indeed make you look like a goddess. The material for this kind of cut should be soft and flowy, something which would fall loosely around your torso and towards the ground. The top can be a simple straight tube top, a bustier shaped top, or a halter top—this cut looks great with sleeveless tops.
  • Asymmetrical dresses – For party nights out, you can choose an asymmetrical dress. Styles which have just a single long sleeve or a longer trail at the back while still exposing the legs count as asymmetrical dresses. These would look great for all ages, especially if you want to make a statement.
  • Ball-gown type dresses – For that ultimate princess-like look, you can go for ball-gown type gold dresses which have layers of fabric to achieve that balloon effect. This looks great for formal parties and even as wedding dresses.

Halle Berry at the People's Choice Awards

Choosing a Style that Complements Your Body

You should consider your body type when thinking of what kind of gold dress to wear. Remember that finding the right kind of dress to complement your body will help you achieve that golden goddess look more effortlessly! Here’s what we think would flatter different body types the best:

  • Skinny girls – Skinny girls would benefit from dresses which have a bit of volume, so ball-gown types and flowy empire cut dresses will look great. Try to avoid those which are too form fitting.
  • Well-proportioned bodies – Those who aren’t too skinny but aren’t too curvy would be able to wear form-fitting dresses just fine. Asymmetrical short mini dresses with long sleeves are great for parties, and those with thigh-high slits would look glamorous for more formal events.
  • Curvy girls – Empire cut dresses will also work well for curvier girls since these would hide “unwanted bulges” because of the flowy fabric. Halter tops give the illusion of a narrower bust area, which is great for ladies blessed with large chests.
  • Petite frames – Cocktail dresses look extra cute on petite frames since this style can make them look taller and exposes more of their legs.

Celebrity Jennifer Lopez at the billboard music awards 2013

How to Accessorize Gold Dresses

When you’ve chosen the golden dress, it’s time to complete the look by accessorizing. Here are some tips on choosing the other pieces of clothing to best match your dress:

  • Shoes – Floor-length dresses would be fine with most kinds of shoes, but avoid wedges if you can. Go for those with thinner heels. You can even wear flats if you’re already really tall, and if your dress really touches the floor. Cocktail dresses look best with closed shoes—pumps and platform shoes, but can also be worn with peep toe heels and simple sandals.
  • Bag – Have a small clutch to hold your basic makeup needs. You can even choose one with a thin chain—better if it’s gold too!
  • Makeup – Having a soft neutral look to neutralize the grandness of the dress would work well. If you wear eye-catching lipstick, remember to keep the eye makeup simple and vice versa. Red, baby pink, and nude lipsticks work well, while smoky brown or black eye makeup would look good too.
  • Jewelry – Gold pieces of jewelry would look good, but try not to overdo it. You will do better with some white gold or smaller silver pieces such as bangles and earrings. Wear a necklace if you’re wearing a tube top, or maybe even a nice choker.
  • Colors to choose – If your dress has another complementing color, you may accessorize based on the color combination the dress has. Black, silver, and white would look good on gold since these are also neutral colors. Soft pinks and some shades of red may also complement gold.


Try out these tips we have for you and you’ll be able to rock the golden goddess look effortlessly!


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