Flawless Hands for the Big Day

Bride and groom holding hands over his heartWith wedding season coming soon brides and grooms and even wedding guests, are beginning to prepare for big days! We recently wrote a skin care countdown for your wedding day here on the blog which gives you a skin care guide starting from a month before the wedding. You probably thought about our guide as being related to the skin on your face and neck but the signs of aging aren’t only present in your face. Unprotected by the sun, your hands can often develop dark spots, wrinkles and other skin problems, thus showing your age more than your facial skin ever could. With so many wedding photos focused on your hands (close ups of the ring, the wedding couple holding hands) you’ll want to be prepared. Whether its dryness or inelastic skin, hands need just as much tender loving care as your facial skin to bring out your youthful glow. Here are seven simple steps to pamper and treat your hands’ skin to knock years off your age: -SCRUB A DUB. You use an exfoliator on your face, but your hands need it just as much, if not more. Scrubbing off the dead skin cells is sure to reveal that glowing skin underneath. However, unlike the more sensitive skin on your face, your hands will need a rougher body scrub to keep them soft. Coarse sugar and salt scrubs with moisturizing oils are perfect for your hands to get rid of all the dead skin on top. Simply rub in like you would hand soap and then rinse. After using them, though, be sure to… -MOISTURIZE. Unlike your facial skin, your hands aren’t as prone to breakouts as they are to chapping, so feel free to slather on extra-creamy moisturizers such as those containing shea and cocoa butters. You can also use oils such as coconut and olive, as these have extra fats and antioxidant powers to help keep your skin younger-looking. Be careful, though: If you touch your face with any of these dry skin remedies, you might become prone to acne breakouts.Bride and groom holding handsTREAT AGING. If you already are experiencing the wrinkles, pigmentation and other signs of aging on your hands, you need to pamper them with anti-aging creams and treatments. Products with Vitamin C are helpful in encouraging the skin to produce natural collagen that returns skin’s elasticity while Vitamin A aids in reducing fine lines and dark pigmentation. Vitamin E is also useful for your hands to give your skin plenty of moisture and works well with Vitamins A and C to prevent future damage. -PROTECT YOUR HANDS NIGHT AND DAY. An overnight moisturizing treatment can be helpful in retaining your hands’ moisture. Whether you choose to use an ultra-hydrating cream or simply petroleum jelly, apply to your hands and put on gloves before you go to bed and then rinsing off the following morning. During the day, your hands are just as susceptible as the rest of your body to toxins and sun damage, so make sure to protect them with your favorite SPF. -TAKE CARE WITH WASHING. It’s important to ward off germs by washing your hands regularly and using antibacterial gels. However, many of those antibacterial products have alcohol bases that dry out your skin while hand soaps can strip away your natural oils. If you are washing regularly, stock your bathroom with a moisturizing hand soap with antibacterial properties in order to get germ-free while keeping your hands nice and smooth, and reapply moisturizer regularly. -PROTECT YOUR SKIN. Your mom probably wore those big yellow gloves while she was cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom, and with good reason — many chemicals in our cleaning solutions harm our hands, and even washing dishes with regular soap can dry them out. Make sure to protect them when doing normal cleaning activities with those gloves. They may look unsightly, but the damage that it does to your hands will look even more so in the long term.Bride with corsage on wristNAIL YOUR NAIL CARE. Nothing completes a flawless hand quite like healthy nails. Just like your hands, they need loving care too. Massaging your cuticles with moisturizer or cuticle creams can help encourage nail growth while giving your nails strength and hydration. If you polish them regularly, make sure to give them a break every now and then from bright colors to prevent excess yellowing. Also be careful in overusing products such as acetone, which may dry out your nails. How do you pamper your hands? Do you have any favorite tricks or tools? Let us know in the comments below!

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